‘One Piece’ Manga 837: Luffy’s Battle With Charlotte Cracker And His ‘Thousand Arms’ At The Edge Of Seducing Woods May Not Last Long [Spoilers]

One Piece manga has come to a very exciting chapter. With so many characters set to interact and battle, including powerful members of the Straw Hats and Charlotte clan besides Luffy and Big Mom, the upcoming chapter 837 promises a lot of action.

[Warning: One Piece manga chapter 836 spoilers ahead.]

One Piece manga Chapter 836 revealed it was Luffy who engaged Charlotte Cracker. It is not clear why the leader of the Straw Hats initiates the battle with Cracker, who has been dispatched to halt an escape from the Seducing Woods. It has been established that Cracker is the son of Charlotte Linlin, or as she is better known, Big Mom.

Cracker intends to stop Luffy and his friends from escaping the forest that is alive thanks to Big Mom’s powers, which haven’t been explained either. However, besides Big Mom’s powers, fans have been eagerly waiting to see Cracker’s true powers, which haven’t been revealed entirely but merely hinted, and the extent at which he can unleash them on Luffy and the other members of Straw Hats.

The last chapter did hint at Cracker’s powers when Cracker bravely stood between Cracker and Pound, who has been identified as one of Big Mom’s numerous husbands. After Luffy successfully defended Pound against Cracker’s sword strike, the latter’s swords and hands began to multiply exponentially.

While the makers of the manga haven’t yet confirmed how many arms Cracker could sprout, it is believed Luffy could be against an enemy possessing the “Thousand Arms.” The plot indicates Cracker possess the ability to multiple his arms when one of them is knocked. In other words, it is entirely up to Cracker to come up with the set of appendages that he deems fit for the battle. Hence, instead of launching an all-out attack, Luffy will have to employ some clever tactics to defeat Cracker. It would be interesting to see how Luffy defeats Cracker with just arms, while not allowing the latter to multiply his arms.

Interestingly, both the parties in the face-off wish to reach the venue of Sanji and Pudding’s wedding at the earliest. Big Mom is most likely presiding at the wedding to ensure there’s no foul play by any members of the Straw Hats. Incidentally, neither the would-be bride nor the groom is enthused about the upcoming nuptials. While Pudding knows Sanji doesn’t want to get married to her, the former will lose a portion of his life-force to Big Mom irrespective of his decision to go ahead with the marriage.

Luffy and Nami reportedly wish to reach the venue to rescue their dear friend Sanji from his marriage to Big Mom’s daughter, so they have a pretty solid and urgent reason to want to finish the fight as soon as possible. While their opponents completely agree on ending the battle as soon as possible, they merely want to attend the wedding and see it take place instead of being broken apart by the members of the Straw Hats.

The stage for an epic battle with some surprising twists awaits fans of the One Piece manga as Luffy and his gang is being helped by Buried Guy, another ex-husband of Big Mom, who has his own agenda. While on the other hand, Cracker is already being assisted by Brulee, another daughter of Big Mom. Brulee further complicates matters for Luffy by claiming to have captured Carrot and Chopper, who, in turn, appeal to Luffy and Nami for help.

Given the multiple hurdles facing Luffy, it is highly unlikely One Piece manga chapter 837 will feature the wedding ceremony of Sanji and Pudding. Besides rescuing Carrot and Chopper from Brulee’s Mirror World, Luffy would also have to fight off Cracker.

Will Buried Guy and Pound unite to help Luffy and Nami defeat Cracker and Brulee and rescue Straw Hat members in chapter 837 of the One Piece manga?

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