Eddie Perfect’s ‘The Beast’ And ‘Vivid White’ To Take Melbourne Theatre World By Storm

Eddie Perfect, the multi-talented Australian, ventured into the field of theater in 2013 when he wrote The Beast, his debut play, for the Melbourne Theatre Company. Now, Eddie Perfect will also be seen acting in the play when it is staged at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre.

The Beast is a hilarious dark comedy that ridicules the trends, traits, and moral beliefs of the quintessential Australian middle-class. The story revolves around three urban middle-class couples who decide to escape their dark past by making a tree-change to lead an ethical and “green” lifestyle.

Everything seems to go well with their lives until the tree-changers face the moral dilemma of slaughtering a cow when the butcher does not turn up during their sustainable dinner party. As the three couples engage in the cow-slaughter, audiences come to realize that the couple’s self-righteousness is nothing but a farce and the couples are nothing but pretentious.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Eddie Perfect’s play aims to tear apart the false beliefs carried out by the middle-class foodies, wine snobs, and over-protective parents.

Eddie Perfect plays the role of an unsympathetic character who loves to try to win people over in arguments over a bottle of wine.

Apart from The Beast, Eddie Perfect’s Vivid White is another play that will be showcased in the 2017 season of the Melbourne Theatre Company. The ongoing theater season makes an attempt to showcase dramatic arts that have been produced by Australian dramatists, and it is seen as appropriate to stage Eddie Perfect’s plays as his works highlight the trends that are in line with the Australian ethos.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Eddie Perfect’s second play offers an apocalyptic take on the real estate market interspersed with black comic songs performed by actors like Brent Hill and Verity Hunt-Ballard.

It is clear that Eddie Perfect’s previous theater stints are helping him to diversify in the field of theater. Previously, Eddie Perfect wrote the story and lyrics for Shane Warne: The Musical, a musical comedy based on the life of the infamous cricketer. The multi-award winning celebrity has also extended his influence over the lives of millions of Australian pre-school children by featuring in Play School, the long-running television show that has entertained children through songs, dances, crafts, and stories for more than 50 years.

According to Woman’s Day, Eddie Perfect has become even more of a hit among Kitty Marie and Lottie Lux, his two daughters, ever since he started featuring on Play School.

Eddie Perfect might have earned critical acclaim due to his contribution to theater and musicals, however, it was his role in Network Ten’s comedy series Offspring that helped him to become famous. The actor has featured in Offspring since its first season which premiered in 2010, playing the role of Mick Holland, a hard-working musician who is married to the protagonist’s sister.

Eddie Perfect has been paired opposite Kat Stewart in the television series and the on-screen pair has become famous for their romantic scenes. However, writers have purposely avoided including steamy scenes between the two, as the actors have expressed their awkwardness while performing the scenes. Earlier, Kat Stewart revealed that her first scene with Eddie Perfect turned out to be a disaster because both actors were too nervous to act out the sex scene.

It turns out that their lively on-screen chemistry has helped the actors to bond with each other and portray a couple which audiences can identify with. According to News Australia, Kat Stewart revealed that the authenticity of the characters is responsible for the popularity of the on-screen couple.

“I love their relationship because it’s playful. They’re not a glamorous, windswept, romanticized version of marriage. They’re real people — well; they’re like real people to me!”

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