Kirk DeWindt Tweets Photo Of Man Dodging A Bullet After Carly Waddell Is Shown Getting Engaged To Evan Bass

What does Kirk DeWindt think of Carly Waddell’s engagement to Evan Bass? He’s apparently relieved that it wasn’t him who put a ring on Carly’s finger. After the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finale episode aired on Tuesday night, showing Carly getting engaged to Evan, Kirk, who was coupled up with Carly on Season 2, posted a snapshot of a man dodging a bullet.

The clip shows actor Nicholas Cage dodging a bullet. It was actually posted by fellow The Bachelorette alum William Holman, directly to Kirk. Prior to Kirk’s appearance on Paradise Season 2, both Will and Kirk appeared on Season 2 of the franchise’s previous spin-off, Bachelor Pad. Kirk apparently found the clip hilarious because he re-tweeted it.

Kirk said that he was “dying” from the clip.

Last night, in response to part 1 of the Season 3 finale episode that showed Carly referring to Kirk blindsiding her on the previous season as being “kirked,” Kirk said that he always wanted to be a verb.

On Season 2, Kirk and Carly were coupled up practically from the beginning. They didn’t seem to have any problems with another and it looked as if they were going to leave Paradise engaged or at least as a couple. Yet when it came close to proposal time, Kirk broke things off with Carly, confessing that he wasn’t sure of his feelings for her. Feeling totally blindsided, Carly left in tears.

After the Season 2 finale aired in September 2015, Kirk received a lot of viewer criticism for what happened with Carly. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carly actually defended Kirk and told her fans that they should stop hating on Kirk.

Carly later told former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, for Ali’s blog, that she and Kirk spoke a few times after leaving Paradise. Carly revealed that Kirk dumped her to pursue an ex-girlfriend.

“Kirk actually had an ex at home that he couldn’t get out of his head. So he went back to pursue what he had left at home. He said the more the weeks went on, the more he felt like he was stepping backwards to her instead of forwards with me.”

While Carly admitted that what Kirk told her was hard to hear, it did give her “a giant sense of closure.” She also said that she was happy that Kirk listened to his heart. Carly explained that she didn’t bring up his ex during their joint After Paradise appearance because she didn’t want to make it about someone else. Carly added that she has forgiven Kirk and that “he will forever be in [her] heart.”

On part 1 of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finale episode, which aired on Monday night, Carly expressed fear that Evan was going to dump her now that it was time for people to really decide if they wanted a relationship outside of Paradise. She feared that she was going to have a repeat of what happened between her and Kirk on the previous season. Carly declared what she was going to do to Evan if he does to her what Kirk did.

“If Evan did that to me, I would chop his balls off.”

As it happened, Evan Bass wasn’t a repeat of Kirk DeWindt for Carly Waddell. Instead, Carly and Evan enjoyed a date that involved splashing around in paint while in their underwear. During dinner, Evan gave Carly a declaration of love. They then spent the night together.

Tuesday night’s season finale episode showed the remaining couples in bed after spending the night together. Evan and Carly expressed happiness with one another. Carly even told the camera that she would accept Evan’s marriage proposal if he gave her one. Evan was then showing picking out an engagement ring from jeweler Neil Lane for Carly.

At the proposal platform with Carly, Evan talked about their “special and unique” relationship. In tears, Evan confessed his love for Carly.

“My love for you has only gotten stronger. I feel like my heart beats to your soul.”

Carly made clear her equally strong feelings for Evan, even going so far as proclaiming that she would die for him. After Evan got down on one knee, proposed and Carly accepted, Carly giddily commented that Evan “makes [her] feel so beautiful, inside and outside.” An update on the couples provided at the end of the finale said that Carly has met Evan’s three sons and will be moving in with him in December.

During their joint appearance on live after-show After Paradise, Carly and Evan showed that they’re still very much in love and engaged.

Will Kirk DeWindt be at the wedding? While that may not happen, one person who will apparently be at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ wedding is Nick Viall. Nick, who is the new Bachelor, tweeted that he was promised by the couple that he could officiate their wedding.

[Image via ABC/Bachelor in Paradise]

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