Carly Waddell Forgives Kirk DeWindt, Congratulates Jade Roper And Tanner Tolbert On Engagement

Although Carly Waddell left Bachelor in Paradise in tears after Kirk DeWindt broke up with her, she doesn’t want her fans to villainize him. On Tuesday, Carly tweeted that people should stop writing and saying hateful things about Kirk. Carly also used her Twitter account to congratulate her friend and co-star Jade Roper on her engagement to Tanner Tolbert.

Carly tweeted that the hate towards Kirk must stop. She said that she has forgiven Kirk and that others should too.

As part 1 of the season finale aired on Monday night, Kirk tweeted that he’s thankful and lucky to have been able to spend time with Carly on the show.

On part 1 of the season finale, viewers saw Kirk break up with Carly after host Chris Harrison announced that it was the final week in paradise and that the remaining couples should really think about whether they saw a future with one another outside of the show. Chris also announced that the remaining couples would each get a fantasy suite date card. While Carly was giddy with excitement over the prospect of spending another night with Kirk, Kirk again had doubts. Unlike the previous time however, Kirk decided that he had to put a brake on the relationship.

As Carly Waddell was with some of the other women, Kirk DeWindt took her aside for a chat. Carly, at this point completely unaware that Kirk was having doubts about their relationship, jokingly asked him if he was breaking up with her. Kirk finally admitted to her that, despite having a great five weeks with her, his feelings for her weren’t as intense as her feelings for him.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about the future, like what’s next. We’ve talked about going to Zack’s [Waddell] reception…and it’s caused me to, you know, take a really hard look at where this is going. And I think I’m a little behind. I feel like I’m a lot behind…I’m just not sure that I’m there right now.”

Carly, after saying that she felt as if Kirk tricked her, ran off to be comforted by her friends and pack her bags. Kirk tried to talk to Carly in her room, saying that she deserved a conversation but Carly stopped him in his tracks.

“No, you don’t, you don’t deserve a conversation…You broke my heart. I don’t want to talk to you like ever, ever again. I want nothing to do with you, ever again…I hate you. I like hate you so much at this point.”

While Carly Waddell’s relationship with Kirk DeWindt didn’t last the show, Jade Roper’s relationship with Tanner Tolbert did. On part 2 of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, Tanner proposed to Jade and she accepted. The two are still together now. Carly tweeted her congratulations to her best friend.

Carly also confessed that she feels liberated that she no longer has to keep Jade’s engagement to Tanner a secret.

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