Pippa Middleton Mars Engagement And Wedding News With Bad Business In 2016: Will James Matthews Rescue Kate Middleton’s Sister?

Pippa Middleton has been preoccupied with her engagement and wedding planning. Maybe that is why her business is down. With all the news about her impending union with James Matthews, Kate Middleton’s sister might feel that she can’t dedicate as much time and effort to her publishing business as she did previously.

While the 33-year-old British socialite isn’t known for her business savvy, it is still a bad news that her business is not making as much as it did last year.

“It’s lucky Pippa Middleton is marrying a millionaire as her business isn’t looking as healthy as she is,” reports Daily Mail. “Her company accounts reveal that she made a mere £50,000 last year, a fall of £65,000 after posting a profit of £115,000 the year before. Pippa is sole shareholder of PXM Enterprises, which manages her ‘publishing activities’ – which might include money from her party planning book Celebrate (the one she was reduced to flogging on her parents’ Party Pieces website at a knock-down price).”

Maybe at this rate, her future husband might have to step in to rescue the business before it totally goes under. Will James Matthews consider this a good investment opportunity?

Plus, her engagement and wedding aren’t the only things that Pippa has been busy with. She has continuously participated in races and endurance events that showed her unique method of raising money for charity. She recently climbed one of the highest peaks in Europe, the Matterhorn, to commemorate the death of her fiance’s brother.

“Pippa, who became engaged to financier James Matthews earlier this month, did the climb to raise money for the Michael Matthews Foundation in honor of her fiancé’s brother who died while scaling Mount Everest in 1999,” reports People Magazine. “He was 22 and was the youngest Briton ever to have scaled the peak at the time.”

When she isn’t busy conquering mountains, she turns in excellent times in races all over the world. Perhaps the most challenging one that entered was Great Wall of China marathon right before her engagement.

“Pippa Middleton is never one to shy away from a fitness challenge, and on Saturday she took on one of her most testing experiences to date – running the Great Wall Marathon in China,” reports Hello! Magazine. “This gruelling 26.2 mile course took place in 29?C heat and includes some 5,164 steps, but as ever the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister rose to the challenge and didn’t disappoint. The 32-year-old completed the course in an impressive 4 hours and 54 minutes, making her the 13th woman to cross the finish line and placing her 69th out of 2,444 runners.”

“It was long, it was hard. The Great Wall sections were stunning, they were some of the best bits despite how hard they were,” Pippa said. “The whole thing was a really unique experience.”

It was definitely the 33-year-old socialite’s unique take on fundraising that attracted James Matthews. When they first got back together, he joined her in a ski race in Switzerland. Despite the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Nico Jackson, now lives in Geneva, that did not stop her from taking part in one of her favorite sporting events.

While her fundraising attempts are going great, and it’s helping her relationship with James, Kate Middleton’s sister might have to take a hard look at her publishing company. With her wedding planned for 2017, her publishing business might have to take a backseat to the big event and adjusting to life as a married woman.

Do you think Pippa will be able to turn her failing business around? Do you think she will get her fiance to invest in her company? Let us know in the comments below!

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