Pippa Middleton ‘Scrutinized’ After Kate Middleton Wedding, Engagement To James Matthews Puts Her In Spotlight

Pippa Middleton has been thrown into the spotlight ever since her sister Kate Middleton got married to Prince William. Ever since the royal wedding, Pippa has been under the public’s scrutiny, the public becoming more and more interested in her social, philanthropic, and personal life. After her engagement announcement to James Matthews, she has attracted even more attention as she links Matthews with the royal family as well.

“Pippa Middleton has actually been in a very tough position for a long time,” Jo Elvin, editor in chief of British Glamour magazine, said to the New York Times.

“Sneering at her for being rich and lazy had become a popular sport for the masses who relentlessly scrutinized her and everything she tried to do. Marrying was almost the only option left available to her, given she’s not on the royal payroll.”

She has carved her path in British high society by pursuing charity work through a very new angle. She has been participating in endurance races that just hobbyists can’t do. She took on the Great Wall of China Marathon, sailing races, and also rode a bike across the United States.

“Pippa Middleton is never one to shy away from a fitness challenge, and on Saturday she took on one of her most testing experiences to date – running the Great Wall Marathon in China,” reports Hello! Magazine.

“This grueling 26.2 mile course took place in 29?C heat and includes some 5,164 steps, but as ever the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister rose to the challenge and didn’t disappoint. The 32-year-old completed the course in an impressive 4 hours and 54 minutes, making her the 13th woman to cross the finish line and placing her 69th out of 2,444 runners.”

“It was long, it was hard. The Great Wall sections were stunning, they were some of the best bits despite how hard they were,” Pippa said. “The whole thing was a really unique experience.”

At the age of 32, Pippa has gone through a few promising boyfriends. In fact, her fiancé James Matthews is one of her ex-boyfriends, whom she got back together with after her breakup with Nico Jackson.

Many people, who were closely following her marriage prospects, thought that Nico would pop the question, as they have been together for three years. They were also caught checking out mansions in very family friendly neighborhoods in London, showing signs of settling down.

But when he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to pursue a new career opportunity, they faced some obstacles that comes with trying to navigate long distance relationships. While both of them had enough money to bridge the distance, it looked like there were more severe problems that funds could not fix.

But now with an engagement ring on her hand, Pippa is no longer under the heavy scrutiny.

“Despite the estimated $328,000 price tag, 32-year-old Pippa wore the rock with ease as she cycled through traffic in the city,” reports Hello! Magazine. “The columnist looked as chic as ever in an outfit that combined clashing animal prints.”

As the younger sister of Kate Middleton, drama is bound to follow whatever she chooses to do. The fact that her betrothed, James Matthews, has a younger brother, who is a star in British reality TV.

Spencer Matthews is the star of Made in Chelsea, who has been “allegedly snorting cocaine” and making it publicly known that he “lost his virginity at 13” and that he’d “bedded over 1,000 women,” according to Telegraph UK.

His popularity has gotten him his own spinoff called The Bachelor, during which he continued to journey through “London’s most desirable postcodes, drinking, hooking up” and doing many other things that probably are making Kate Middleton cringe.

Do you think Pippa Middleton will continue to be in the public’s scrutiny after her wedding to James Matthews? Let us know in the comments below!

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