Colin Kaepernick Card Sells For $15,000 On Ebay — $100 Kaepernick Jerseys Are No. 1 Seller On

Colin Kaepernick can be seen in the above photo from Thursday, September 1, as the backup quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers got lots of love and support from fans following a big win against the San Diego Chargers.

As reported by CBS Sports, Kaepernick made a choice to protest police violence against unarmed African-Americans by taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem, or to sit on the bench. When his actions went viral and Kaepernick explained his protest, some fans decided to burn his jersey.

However, others have shown their support for the star quarterback by buying Kaepernick’s jerseys — and the rise in sales of the No. 7 Kaepernick jerseys are being noted across several online retail shops.

[Photo by Denis Poroy/AP Images]

As of this writing, the “Men’s San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick Nike Scarlet Game Jersey” is listed as the top seller on the list of jerseys. At nearly $100, the Kaepernick jersey also comes in white with a scarlet No. 7 on the front and back of the popular jersey. The notes that Colin’s jersey enjoys free shipping to customers who decide to buy the jersey.

Made out of 100 percent recycled polyester, the Kaepernick jersey is a Nike brand with a tagless collar. With plenty of photos showing off the Kaepernick jersey’s features — like mesh side panel details for breathability — the Kaepernick jersey that comes in the scarlet color is listed as being sold out of the largest sizes. The white version of the Kaepernick jersey currently has two sizes unavailable as well on the website.

On Amazon, the Kaepernick NFL Youth Boys 8-20 Mid-Tier Jersey is currently listed as the 42nd best selling item in their “Sports Fan Clothing” category, with prices running from approximately $14 to $122 for each jersey.

Other items, like the Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers Drawstring Backpack are also available for sale on Amazon.

On eBay, it’s interesting to take a look at the items that have recently sold regarding Kaepernick.

Amazingly, the Colin Kaepernick 2016 Panini Origins Custom 1/1 USA VARIATION 49ers card sold for $14,999 on eBay on August 30. The description on the listing notes that the U.S. flag can be respected while simultaneously working on the injustices across the nation. Perhaps the seller wanted to unload the card due to controversy, while the buyer wanted to capitalize on something that could end up being very valuable.

Also on eBay is this “2011 Topps Chrome Superfractors Colin Kaepernick ROOKIE AUTO 1/1 BGS 9.5 (PWCC),” called a 1/1 masterpiece and the only copy ever made, which sold for $2,103.30 on June 27, prior to the controversy erupting.

[Photo by Denis Poroy/AP Images]

Feedback over Kaepernick’s jerseys and their increase in sales is flying into social media — with a variety of views on the topic.

Whereas some might have expected Kaepernick to lose sponsors — others are surprised that the uptick in jersey sales for Kaepernick prove that his decision to sit down or kneel down for his beliefs did not spell the death knell for his NFL career. A sampling of those social media comments can be seen below.

“Aren’t Americans funny (as in ‘peculiar’) as to how they choose to show their support? Why not sit down during the national anthem instead of helping line NFL pockets?”

“Kaepernick is a better marketer than a QB… He grew a conscience when he was losing his starting position.”

“Still sharing and resharing….. Anyone that venomously spews against those that refuses to blindly follow a flag my middle finger is up for you.”

As noted by CNN, Megan Rapinoe showed her support for Kaepernick when the soccer player also took a knee during the national anthem before a recent game.

[Photo by Denis Poroy/AP Images]