Farrah Abraham Calls Daughter ‘Stupid’ — ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Faces Major Backlash

Farrah Abraham has been criticized a lot for the way she chooses to parent her daughter, Sophia. A lot has happened since she found out she was pregnant as a teenager and raising a child alone isn’t easy. When Abraham was pregnant, her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. She was forced to be a single teenage mom and was doing the best she could at the time.

The dysfunctional way that Farrah Abraham grew up has a lot of bearing on how she is with Sophia. Throughout filming 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG, she has opened up about childhood experiences that haven’t been pleasant for her. Abraham has endured many different situations, all of them changing how she wants to raise her own child.

Last night, a new episode of Teen Mom OG aired. Fans were shocked to see the interaction between Farrah Abraham and Sophia at the beginning of the episode. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham called her daughter stupid, and fans reacted in a big way. The scene was involving Sophia not wanting to get dressed for the Easter hunt they were attending later that day. She threw a fit, refusing to get dressed. Abraham then told her mother that she couldn’t help it if Sophia was “too stupid” to get dressed and after some coaxing from grandma, the dress was on and they were out the door.

This is not the first time her parenting has come under fire. Several photos she has shared of her daughter caught the public’s eye for being inappropriate for a girl so young. Farrah Abraham has her daughter modeling and walking runways, but some of the clothing is much too adult-like for a child who is as young as Sophia. Unfortunately, the bad decisions are still happening. Abraham was called a “monster mom” for allowing her daughter to act out the way she does and be photographed in the outfits she wears.

There has been a lot of tension between Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. While she is desperately trying to push him into a marital commitment, he is avoiding it. In fact, she went out and bought her own engagement ring. Saran hasn’t been too accepting of Sophia and looks more annoyed by her than anything else. He attended the Easter gathering with the mother and daughter duo but remained in the background which caused a fight between him and Abraham. There is no fatherly relationship with Sophia, and it appears he isn’t interested in developing that either. Without a connection with her daughter, Abraham and Saran won’t be able to make anything work long-term.

On another show, Farrah Abraham revealed that she suffered abuse as a child at the hands of her parents. The relationship she has with her mother is less than great, often arguing and screaming at her. Debra is around a lot to help with Sophia, and things have improved, but the respect Abraham should have for her mother isn’t there. The same thing goes for her father. Michael has been around for her to help with Sophia but there is always an argument or misunderstanding between the two.If things were anything like this for her growing up, there is some insight as to why she acts the way she does.

Teen Mom OG is airing a brand new season with plenty more of Farrah Abraham’s diva moments to come. She will be introducing fans to new business adventures and possibly an upgrade in her love life. With so much going on, there isn’t any time for Abraham to waste on what haters are saying about her life and interactions with Sophia.

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