Farrah Abraham Receives Backlash Over Photo Of Daughter Sophia, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Called ‘Monster Mom’ [Photo]

Farrah Abraham has found herself under fire once again. The Teen Mom OG star is constantly receiving negative attention for things she says and does. Abraham is from the original 16 & Pregnant series and has been on reality television for several years. In fact, she is set to appear on yet another reality-style show this summer. With all of the things in life keeping her busy, Abraham should be able to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, this time, Farrah Abraham is being called out for her choices with Sophia and photography.

Since Farrah Abraham has been a single mom since her daughter Sophia was born, she tends to try to make up for the lack of a father figure in Sophia’s life. From buying her lavish things to allowing her to do some things that most parents wouldn’t dream of, Abraham has come under fire for decisions she has made regarding her daughter. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah Abraham’s latest picture of Sophia has critics up in arms. She is receiving a lot of negative feedback for a recent photo she shared of Sophia looking incredibly grown up, complete with a seductive looking pose. Sophia has makeup on and is in what appears to be a body of water.

This is not the first time Farrah Abraham has been called out for a picture she has shared of her daughter Sophia. There was one not too long ago that showed her at the park on a pole. Abraham thought it would be funny to caption it inappropriately and people went nuts with comments. She never did comment on the situation, which didn’t surprise anyone. Sophia is now working on a modeling career and it appears that Abraham is pushing her to do it. Some of the jobs she is doing have been labeled as too mature for her by critics, and others have been deemed age appropriate. Abraham rarely cares what anyone thinks, and this is likely another case where she won’t even take the time to respond.

Last season on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham came under fire for the way she treated a producer. She was vulgar and literally placed her hands on him. No charges were filed, though they could have been. This was regarding a reality show she wanted to do. MTV has allowed Abraham to film for other networks as long as the show’s topic isn’t the same concept or similar to Teen Mom OG. The network did feel like the particular project she wanted to do was inappropriate and denied her. Abraham through a huge fit and got incredibly confrontational when she learned she was unable to do the show.

A new season of Teen Mom OG premieres in August, and Farrah Abraham will be a part of it. Sophia also films with her mom, but much of the time she is either at school or away while filming takes place. She is one of the least filmed kids from the show, but she is incredibly busy as well. Abraham has been pushing her daughter toward acting and modeling. She has posted before about the negative attention Sophia gets, and fans keep telling her she is putting Sophia in danger with seductive poses and questionable clothing.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Farrah Abraham will respond to the latest batch of criticisms over Sophia’s latest photo. Abraham rarely cares about opinions in general and doesn’t usually get involved with silly comments. Some critics are even calling for Farrah Abraham to be fired because of the decisions she made in life.

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