Springsteen Memoir Reads Like A Bruce Springsteen Setlist

At the age of 67, Bruce Springsteen is going strong and hardly resting on his laurels. Springsteen’s new book is being published, and it like a Bruce Springsteen setlist, which he writes by hand before every concert, according to Vanity Fair, which is sharing excerpts of the memoir, Born to Run, which he named after one of his biggest songs and his best-selling album. Reportedly, an hour before every concert of the Bruce Springsteen tour, Bruce writes out a 31 song setlist by hand. Obviously, he doesn’t have to do this, but he is still the architect of his tour. But like a quarterback, Springsteen sometimes calls audibles, switching things around, and calling replacement songs which tell the story of his life.

But unlike many other rockers of his generation, Springsteen seems to be in excellent shape, and rather than just playing his oldies, he continues to create, and present his fans with a taste of the old, but he also shares what’s new and on his mind. Many of his contemporaries like Gregg Allman, who seem to be on their last tour, are cancelling concert dates due to illness, says the Inquisitr, but even approaching 70, Springsteen is forging ahead.

Bruce Springsteen says that he can still get lost in the music, balancing his love of the work with giving his fans what they want. He explains that he is interested in not just giving the fans the greatest hits, but rather, giving them a tasting menu.

“I’m always in search of something, in search of losing myself to the music. I think we hit a spot last night where I was trying some songs we hadn’t played in a while, where maybe you’re struggling more. And then suddenly”—he snapped his fingers—”you catch it, and then, once you do, you may not want to stop.”


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Springsteen says that weaving the menu he presents is a labor of love each night.

“You have to create the show anew, and find it anew, on a nightly basis. And sometimes,” he concluded, laughing, “it takes me longer than I thought it would.”

And “Born to Run” is always the climax, and for that reason and more, that is the name of his memoir. More than any other song, fans sing along with “Born to Run” every single night. The idea for his memoir was built out of a diary piece he wrote for his website back in 2009 after he did the halftime show for the Superbowl. But Springsteen is not just writing about the positive moments in his memoir, and he promises fans he’s going to “go there” in his book

Bruce Springsteen says that luckily, he was able to take seven years to write the memoir, and when he started, he wasn’t sure if it was something he would publish, or just share with his children to tell them the story of his life says Billboard.

“Mainly, I was trying to write as well as I could, and having all of that time to do it gave me a chance to come back to it fresh.”

Bruce Springsteen says that he approached writing the book the same way he sits down to write music. With music, he writes down his first thoughts, and then constructs each verse.

Springsteen explains that he is also releasing a companion album Born to Run: Chapter and Verse will include five previously unreleased tracks for fans.

Will you be reading the Bruce Springsteen memoir?

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