‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10: Awkward Times For Two Key Characters, While Some Of The Cast Members Want Kaley Cuoco Out

The Big Bang Theory‘s upcoming season may see Leonard and Sheldon, the central characters of the series, becoming step-brothers, according to The Bitbag.

The previous season showed an unexpected romance blooming between Alfred, Leonard’s father and Mary, Sheldon’s mother. In the last episode of Season 9, Alfred started to bond with Mary due to the differences of opinion he had with his wife with regard to Leonard’s marriage. In fact, the two bonded so well that they decided to spend the night together by enjoying a nightcap. And even though Penny is amused by the companionship, she fails to understand the undesirable situations that could arise due to the romance.

The upcoming tenth season of The Big Bang Theory promises to start with an awkward incident in the lives of Leonard and Sheldon: and what could be more awkward than realizing that they have may actually become step-brothers if their respective parents carry on with their romantic endeavors. The Big Bang Theory‘s story is now speculated to focus more on how the two science geniuses cope with the embarrassment of their parents’ involvement and how will it affect their friendship. According to Movie News Guide, it is not clear whether the two roommates will amend their “roommate agreement” to deal with the situation or whether they will eventually acquiesce to their parent’s wishes.

Season 10 will also focus on Penny’s mother, who is leading a stressful life due to the worries surrounding her son who has been having problems with the law. Further, the upcoming season will dive into the married life of Howard and Bernadette who are poised to start their family by having their first baby.

The upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory seems to have so much in store for its loyal fans, and it has still not been confirmed whether it is the last season of the popular series.

Earlier, there were speculations about Season 10 being the last in the series because all the major actors have entered into contracts that were valid until the end of Season 10. However, the president of CBS has gone some way towards allayed the fears of the show’s growing fan base by hinting that the series is bound to go on beyond season 10.

Filming for the upcoming tenth season of The Big Bang Theory seems to be going well so far, as many of the key actors in the series have already posted photos on social media that reveal that the entire cast is enthusiastically involved in the production. However, there have been unlikely reports that some of the Big Bang Theory‘s cast members are not happy with the return of Kaley Cuoco to the upcoming season.

Cuoco, who plays the role of the popular character Penny, has been garnering plenty of media attention since her divorce with tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Later, the actress was in the news again due to her romantic affiliation with Karl Cook, the California-based professional equestrian. According to the International Business Times, the actress was quick to share romantic photos of herself and her new boyfriend on her social media account, confirming the rumors that the Big Bang Theory actress has embarked on a new relationship with the equestrian.

The Big Bang Theory catapulted Kaley Cuoco to stardom, and she has now attained a status that can be compared to the popularity achieved by Jennifer Aniston during her stint in Friends.

Earlier, there were rumors that the actress had had an argument with Jim Parson, the actor who plays Sheldon. At that time, it was reported that Johnny Galecki, the actor who plays Leonard, sided with Kaley Cuoco during the altercation that took place on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Now, Game N Guide reports that many of the cast members are against Kaley Cuoco‘s return to the show due to the unprecedented attention she has been receiving in the media.

Another possible cause of the discontent against Cuoco may be the massive payment of $1 million that she reportedly receives for featuring in each episode of The Big Bang Theory, along with Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. It is quite likely that the pay gap has upset many of her co-stars, who reportedly receive only $100,000 for each episode of the show.

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