‘Suits’ Season 6 Spoilers: What’s Next For Harvey And Donna?

It seems like the most of Suits Season 6 is focused on Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) life in prison and Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) attempts to get him out. Fans who are hoping to see a Harvey-Donna (Sarah Rafferty) arc are a little bit disappointment with the lack of romantic moments between the two this season.

In Season 4, when Harvey told Donna he loved her, we all thought that the coming episodes might focus on the two’s relationship. However, as Suits creator Aaron Korsh told Yahoo! TV, Harvey was not at all making a declaration when he said “I love you,” but rather he was just trying to let her down easy.

“Harvey was not making some declaration like, ‘I love you. I want to be with you.’ As we discuss in the finale, he couldn’t take the fact that he was rejecting her [when she wanted him to stay] — he had to try to make her feel better by saying, ‘You know I love you.’ He could have just left and allowed her to feel her sadness, her discomfort, her pain. I think he thought he was trying to make it better, but he made it worse.”


As there are just so many things going on in Suits Season 6, it did not come as a surprise that Harvey and Donna’s story took a backseat. Zap2It, however, pointed out that the Suits writers already got things figured out. Given that the hit USA drama has been renewed for a seventh season, they may have decided to push the Harvey and Donna arc later, perhaps to build anticipation from fans.

The outlet further predicted that we would not see Harvey and Donna’s issues resolved until the season finale.

“As much as we love their dynamic, the culmination of Donna and Harvey’s relationship has never felt like something that will fluidly be incorporated into the body of the show one day. It’s always been an ‘endgame’ type of possibility, which unfortunately means we probably shouldn’t expect this friendship to make moves in a romantic direction until the end is in sight for Suits.”


In an interview with TV Line, Gabriel Macht said that he wanted to see more episodes that will focus on his character’s personal life, where it’s not just all about the firm. He also sees Harvey going back to therapy, working on his abandonment issues.

When asked what he thought about Harvey’s “I love you” to Donna back in Season 4, Macht said that he was unsure if it was to be taken as a romantic gesture.

“You know I can’t live without you. I don’t know if that means I am romantically in love with you. I love you as my friend, my sister, my partner,” he explained.


Whether or not they ended up together, Macht believed that Harvey needed Donna. He said that if they decided to give their relationship a chance, then she would end up leaving the firm. He’s just not sure if Harvey would be able to handle the pressure without his right-hand woman. Macht explained that when it comes to work, Havey just cannot function without Donna. For their relationship to work, Harvey would have no choice but to change careers.

“Whether or not they’re right for each other romantically, I don’t know if he knows. I know they had that one time, and I know if they did get back together, she wouldn’t work for him. I don’t know if they did get together, if he could do it without her. Maybe if he changed his line of business, became a judge…? Maybe then he could end up with her. I really don’t know.”

Suits Season 6 airs Wednesdays on USA.

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