Caila Quinn Defends Ashley Iaconetti After Ashley Claims Caila Said She Didn’t Like Jared Haibon

Will Caila Quinn and Ashley Iaconetti be friends once again? Perhaps. While Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 showed them at odds with one another over Jared Haibon, with Ashley going so far as making fun of her, repeatedly claiming that she’s fake and calling her derogatory names, Caila and Ashley have actually in recent days exchanged kinds tweets. Caila has even defended Ashley from viewer criticism. Caila’s kind tweets to Ashley are even more surprising considering the fact that Ashley, prior to Caila’s tweets, publicly dropped a major bombshell regarding Caila’s supposed true feelings for Jared.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley did a Snapchat story last Wednesday, just prior to going on The Ellen Show with Caila and Jared, in which she claimed that Caila, after getting serious with Jared, told Amanda Stanton prior to a rose ceremony that she did not like Jared but still wouldn’t mind getting engaged and then breaking up later. According to Ashley, Amanda then told the other women what Caila just told her and this is why no one liked Caila. Ashley claimed that when she went to a producer expressing concern about what Caila supposedly said, the producer told her to have a talk with Caila about it, which resulted in the talk that viewers saw happen just prior to Caila’s decision to leave. Ashley further claimed that the conversation was heavily edited to not include any reference to what Caila supposedly told Amanda because the producers wanted a clear cut good guy vs. bad guy story line.

Caila, who had just posted a photo of herself with Ashley and Jared on the set of The Ellen Show, was immediately notified by fans on Twitter about what Ashley was saying about her. Caila then deleted the group photo, suggesting that she saw for herself Ashley’s Snapchat video.

The next day, Ashley posted her Cosmopolitan article recapping the latest Bachelor in Paradise episode. In her recap, Ashley omitted the big claim regarding what Amanda said Caila told her. Ashley only wrote that Caila said some things to Amanda that she now can’t talk about until her contract expires. It seems that Ashley wasn’t supposed to say what she did in her Snapchat video and perhaps got in trouble with the franchise’s producers for it.

“Some behind-the-scenes context: Between each cocktail party and rose ceremony in Paradise, the girls and the guys are separated while the cameras are being set up. The girls go to the pool area, and the guys go to the beach for final deliberations and nervous chatter. During downtime this week, Caila said some things that, wait for it, I can’t talk about until my contract expires!”

Yet Ashley Iaconetti’s recap does provide some interesting tidbits. Ashley wrote that when she confronted Caila Quinn about what she told Amanda regarding her feelings for Jared Haibon, Caila said that she was “misinterpreted.”

Ashley maintained that Caila left Paradise not because of her but because she felt the other cast members’ dislike for her. Ashley also claimed that Caila and Jared’s relationship, which was non-exclusive, didn’t last very long outside of the show because Caila didn’t want to be exclusive and settle down with Jared. Ashley maintained that she did not interfere in Caila’s relationship with Jared.

“Some post-show info: Caila and Jared dated non-exclusively for six weeks after Paradise. She was trying to get to know him outside the reality TV hoopla and see if her feeling developed; whether or not that was with the goal of being a ‘Bachelor couple’ in mind, I don’t know.But Jared wants to be in a relationship though, and, from what I gather, Caila is now in a place where she wants to date around. Because of this, they ended their relationship. My place in Jared’s life wasn’t a factor, despite what Caila may have insinuated on After Paradise.”

During Caila and Jared’s joint appearance on the After Paradise after-show last week, they did say that they dated for six weeks after filming ended but didn’t actually say that their relationship stopped after that because Caila didn’t want to be in an exclusive relationship. It was actually implied that Jared was still listening to Ashley regarding Caila and that had something to do with the relationship ending.

In her blog, Ashley also said that while Caila’s not an awful person, she does wish that Caila took more responsibility for all of the drama and was more honest about her feelings for Jared.

“Let me conclude this narrative by saying I made a lot of mistakes in Paradise, and I really let my emotions get the best of me. Despite what I may have said, Caila isn’t an awful person. I do wish she took some more responsibility for the way things went down, and that she was more honest about her feelings (or lack thereof) for Jared while in Paradise.”

Caila actually read Ashley’s blog. In response to what Ashley wrote, Caila tweeted that Ashley’s a good person who had nothing to do with why she and Jared aren’t together.

Ashley thanked Caila and said that she had a good time with her on The Ellen Show.

Caila then told Ashley that she’s sorry for how she has been treated simply for being vulnerable and is wishing her the best.

Ashley apologized to Caila for calling her names.

Caila Quinn’s tweets suggest that what Ashley Iaconetti claimed in her Snapchat story is true, that Amanda Stanton told her and the other women that Caila told her that she didn’t even like Jared Haibon. Yet it may also be true that Amanda “misinterpreted” what Caila actually told her. Whatever the case, it seems that Caila does now recognize that Ashley was just trying to protect Jared from getting hurt and is being wrongly villainized for it.

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