Ashley Iaconetti Claims Caila Quinn Told Amanda Stanton She Didn’t Like Jared Haibon

Ashley Iaconetti just dropped a big bombshell about Caila Quinn and her true intentions with Jared Haibon. On Wednesday afternoon, right before appearing on The Ellen Show with Caila and Jared, Ashley posted a video of herself claiming that Caila told Amanda Stanton during Bachelor in Paradise that she didn’t like Jared at all. The video was posted to FabFitFun’s Snapchat account.

On Instagram, Ashley added that she’s telling the truth, which the rest of the cast knows.

In the video, Ashley started off by saying that she was doing an expose. Ashley explained that before the rose ceremonies, there is a period of time when the men and women are separated from one another. The men go down to the beach and the women stay in the kitchen area. During this separation time, there aren’t that many cameras around. According to Ashley, prior to the last rose ceremony, Caila told Amanda that she wasn’t really into Jared and that she didn’t mind getting engaged, presumably while on the show, and then breaking it off later.

“Someone used this time, these rare occasions, to express how she was really feeling about my best friend. On this night, somebody told Amanda that she didn’t mind getting engaged and then breaking it off three months later. She also told Amanda that she didn’t like him, 100 percent sure.”

According to Ashley, Amanda then told the rest of the women what Caila said, that she doesn’t like Jared.

“So then Amanda comes up the rest of the girls and she goes ‘Guys, it’s bad. Caila just said bad stuff.’ So all the girls are running around, like chickens with their heads cut off, because we just heard something horrible has just happened to such a great person.”

Ashley Iaconetti pointed out that on Monday night’s episode, viewers saw Lace Morris dismiss Caila Quinn when Caila tried to take part in a group conversation. “I can’t stand her,” Lace muttered to the others as Caila walked away. According to Ashley, Lace said this because of what she and the others knew of Caila from Amanda Stanton.

“No one in the house could tolerate the lies that she was spewing towards Jared. We couldn’t deal with it collectively. It wasn’t just me…she’s telling Amanda in privacy she straight up didn’t like him…”

Ashley said that when she went to a close producer friend the next day and asked if she knew what Caila was saying in private when she wasn’t hooked up to a mic and the cameras weren’t around, the producer suggested that she talk with Caila. The talk that resulted was the talk that viewers saw on Tuesday night’s episode, the talk that led to Caila deciding to leave Paradise. According to Ashley, the conversation was heavily edited to not include any reference to what Caila said off-camera.

“That conversation was the most edited conversation I’ve ever seen in my life because they wouldn’t allude to anything that happened off-camera.”

According to Ashley, Caila ultimately left the show because everyone turned on her.

“Caila felt ganged up on by the entire cast and left because she didn’t get along with anyone there.”

Ashley further claimed that after Caila and Jared’s departure, Nick Viall told her that she did the right thing.

Why would the producers tell Caila’s side of the story but not Ashley’s? Ashley said that it simply made for good TV to cast her as the overly-dramatic villain and Caila as the victim.

Ashley Iaconetti actually said all of this right before she was going to meet up with Caila Quinn and Jared Haibon for an appearance on The Ellen Show. Prior to their appearance, Caila posted a photo of herself with Ashley and Jared and declared that she was so excited. Several people immediately posted comments asking Caila why she was continuing to be so nice to Ashley when Ashley was just spewing all this information about her on Snapchat.

Caila apparently didn’t realize what Ashley had just said about her because moments later, after several people notified her of what Ashley was claiming, she deleted the photo.

Ashley doesn’t seem to have any qualms about saying what she did about Caila, for she re-tweeted several tweets from people who loved the Snapchat story. One person wrote that Ashley’s Snapchat story gave her life, another cautioned that the truth always comes out, and yet another applauded Ashley for telling what really happened.

Is Ashley really telling the truth? Several other cast members have come out saying that they’re on Ashley’s side and that viewers didn’t see everything that happened. On Tuesday night, Carly Waddell tweeted that she saw what Ashley was talking about.

Jubilee Sharpe, who left Paradise prior to Caila’s arrival but was with her on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, hinted that Caila was fake that season as well. Jubilee tweeted that she and others aren’t just being mean to Caila for no reason and that cameras didn’t catch everything that Caila said and did during Ben’s season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carly, along with Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, defended Ashley last week. Carly tweeted that everyone on the cast were questioning Caila’s feelings for Jared while Amanda and Josh reminded viewers that they don’t see everything that happens.

Earlier on in the season, Ashley told Jared that Caila was fake and that she was just interested in having a fairy tale romance portrayed on the show. Ashley also told Jared that he likes Caila way more than she likes him, something that Jared actually agreed on.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Caila, after being questioned by Ashley once again about her feelings for Jared, decided to leave. Caila told Jared that she was leaving because she, after having a talk with Ashley, was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there anymore. Jared confronted Ashley and actually raised his voice when he yelled at Ashley for her behavior. Ashley cried as she told Jared that she was just protecting him. As Caila, who wasn’t shown saying goodbye to anyone, rode in the van away from the property, Jared ran after the van and eventually got in with her. They kissed and expressed happiness that they were leaving the show together.

Yet on the after-show After Paradise, Caila and Jared revealed that their off-camera romance only lasted six weeks. Caila implied that their relationship couldn’t work because Ashley was still interfering. Ashley, who later joined the after-show, apologized to Caila for calling her names but didn’t say anything about what she would later claim in her Snapchat story.

Both on the after-show and on social media, Jared Haibon has continued to defend Ashley Iaconetti. He tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that while Ashley made mistakes, she wasn’t why his relationship with Caila Quinn didn’t work out. He said that he and Caila had their own obstacles.

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