Southwest Airlines ‘Looney Tunes’ Landing Is Real: 91st Anniversary Free Flight Tickets Giveaway Facebook Scam Is Fake [Video]

Southwest Airlines is getting buzz online on Monday for several reasons, with one of those reasons representing a scam. As reported by the Inquisitr, Southwest Airlines was previously the subject of a hoax when a Live Leak video went viral, claiming to display a Southwest Airlines plane getting hit by a drone. It was proven to be a hoax by those who discovered that the Southwest Airlines plane was not hit on the tip of the wing by a drone as the plane took off.

Now, a new Southwest Airlines free ticket giveaway on Facebook is enticing some folks to click on links promising them free plane tickets for the 91st anniversary of the airlines.

According to Hoax Slayer, there are Facebook posts being spread on the social media network that claim people can win free plane tickets to flights around the world from Southwest Airlines. Those Facebook posts encourage people on social media to click the links they present, as well as share the post on Facebook and to leave Facebook comments.

Such activities on Facebook only serve to spread the scams around Facebook more. The scams also leave certain people vulnerable to malware or nefarious links that could represent phishing scams.

As seen in the screenshot from the publication, one Facebook account — titled “South West Air” — claimed that 2,500 tickets would be given away to a person and five of their friends to any destination in the world. The scam also claims Southwest Airlines would provide $5,000 spending money if the person types something like “win vacation” in the comments section and shares the scam post.

Other versions of the scam claim that Southwest Airlines is giving away tickets because of the 90th or 91st anniversary of Southwest Airlines.

A search for Southwest Airlines on Facebook shows some people typing “thanks for my tickets,” one of the phrases that the most recent scam artists enticed people to write.

Southwest Airlines has been proactive about reporting such Facebook scams when the company learns about the scams. As seen in the above Twitter tweet, a Twitter user tagged Southwest Airlines on a screenshot that promised two free airline tickets for their 90th anniversary. In response, Southwest Airlines made sure to note on their on August 29 that the scam being promoted was indeed a hoax.

“Good eye, Oliver! That’s definitely not something being offered by us. We’ve reported it for removal.”

However, not all things related to Southwest Airlines are due to scams. The below “Southwest Looney Tunes” video has gone viral, because of the unique skills displayed by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant upon landing.

The above video was uploaded to YouTube on September 2. Since that time, the YouTube video has swelled to more than 2.7 million views. The description explains more about the star of the sensational video.

“Southwest Looney tunes announcement, southwest cohearts, Zach Haumesser.”

Meanwhile, other recent Southwest Airlines news wasn’t as fun and favorable as the funny “Looney Tunes” announcement.

As seen in the below photo from Saturday, August 27, the engine of a Southwest Airlines flight that was headed to Orlando from New Orleans looks worse for the wear, as captured in a photo through the window of the plane.

[Photo by Jeremy Martin/AP Images]
Yet better news that the Facebook scams and engine issues can be found surrounding Southwest Airlines.

The below photo displays the happenings near a beach in Caibarien, Cuba, on September 1.

Now that Southwest and American Airlines have gotten approval for Havana flights, as reported by, Southwest Airlines will make history for their firm with their services to Cuba. Therefore, U.S. residents could find themselves traveling to Cuba via Southwest Airlines — or the 10 other U.S. airlines set to deliver travelers from the U.S. to Cuba — and not merely Havana.

[Photo by Ramon Espinosa/AP Images]
[Photo by Tony Gutierrez/AP Images]

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