Piers Morgan Threatens To Kill 12-Year-Old Trophy Hunter Aryanna Gourdin’s Cat On Live TV

Never one to shy away from a confrontation, boastful Brit Piers Morgan laid into 12-year-old trophy hunter Aryanna Gourdin thick and fast on live TV this morning – threatening to kill her cat and post pictures online.

It may seem a tad extreme for a middle-aged millionaire to make such a toxic threat to a young child, but then the reaction of people worldwide to giraffe killer Aryanna’s tendency to kill wild beasts and pose with their freshly butchered corpses in pictures, which have recently gone viral, has been somewhat inflammatory.

The Express reports that big game hunter Aryanna Gourdin appeared on Good Morning Britain with her dad Eli to defend her statement, that despite the protests and death threats, “she’ll never stop hunting.”

After showing a few carefully selected shots of Aryanna proudly posing with an undeniable glee alongside freshly slaughtered animals, such as a zebra and giraffe, the debate soon became heated as Piers asked if Eli and his daughter were not concerned about the “sickening triumphalism” suggested in the pictures.

Aryanna’s father then revealed that he and his daughter always feel “hunters’ remorse” after snuffing out a life, which appeared to anger Piers further who went on a tirade that the exact opposite appeared to be the case.

“With respect, there’s not a shred of remorse in her picture. You’ve clearly influenced her into doing this.

“When you say you have remorse, where is it? Because from where I’m sitting, there’s a sickening sense of triumphalism.”

Remaining quite calm and collected, Aryanna’s father suggested Piers couldn’t be further from the truth, and seemed to hint that moral outrage on behalf of the majority can be very selective at times.

“I took pictures of her saying a prayer on the giraffe and people chose to ignore it.”

Piers was having none of it and went on to accuse the pair of rubbing people’s noses in it with their garish trophy pictures.

“The real thing that gets people going – and I don’t think you’ve fully grasped it – is the pictures. It’s the trophy pictures. You’re putting your daughter in a very difficult position.

“It’s completely disconnected to the hunting process: the pictures look sickening to anyone who values these great animals.

“If, as you say, there’s genuine hunters’ remorse, why rub peoples’ noses in it? Why not just do it in private, why parade it with your young daughter?”

Utah hunter Aryanna recently defended her actions by declaring, “I’m a hunter and no matter what people say to me I’m never going to stop. It’s something that I cherish and enjoy and I want other people to see what I’ve been able to experience. I want other women and youth to get into the hunting experience… it’s awesome.”

Such a statement has seemingly ignited the wrath of even the most meekest of souls. Of course, Piers Morgan is no shrinking violet but his threat to kill Aryanna’s cat is a bit beyond the pale, even by the former tabloid editor’s questionable standards.

“You have a lovely little cat, how would you feel if I came to your house one day and I hunted down your pet cat and I killed it and I then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat.”

Eli replied to Morgan’s grim scenario by calling it a trick question.

“I think that’s a trick question… because a giraffe’s not a pet… Most hunters don’t kill pets… We would never think to go out and kill somebody’s pet.”

Whilst a visibly stunned Aryanna asked in disbelief, “I’m not allowed to have pets because I hunt?”

Naturally, Morgan’s threat to kill a young girl’s cat was neither here nor there compared to the incandescent rage most viewers of Good Morning Britain felt at watching 12-year-old Aryanna Gourdin trying to defend her actions.

The tweets were vicious, plentiful, and almost triumphant in their outrage.

Of course, it’s not certain how many of those spitting venom and throwing shade in Aryanna’s direction are meat eaters, because if you think big game hunting is cruel, try visiting an abattoir folks.

It’s not pretty!

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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