Nintendo NX Reveal Could Be This Month: Release Date, Specs And Controller Will Be Revealed Soon

The Nintendo NX could be officially revealed as early as this month if recent reports are to be believed. Video games giant Nintendo has seen a good deal of speculation around its upcoming hardware, following a series of leaks. September 2016 is set to be a huge month for tech announcements, with Apple expected to announce their latest iPhone model and Sony to announce their revised gaming hardware, the PS4 Neo. Nintendo could now join those big names in announcing their new hardware this month.

Sony has an event planned for September 7, during which they’re expected to show off their revised PlayStation hardware. However, according to the Express, Sony’s event could be closely followed by an announcement from one of their key competitors, Nintendo. Narrowing down that date further, Nintendo is expected to announce their new hardware during or before the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 15, suggesting the NX announcement could now be mere weeks away.

Nintendo fans have been growing ever hungrier for an official NX reveal since Nintendo confirmed the console in early 2015. However, Nintendo has remained pretty hush about the new hardware, with a Nintendo Direct broadcast this month choosing to focus on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld instead of the upcoming NX.

If Nintendo does officially reveal the NX in September, it’ll be the first glimpse of the new hardware given to fans. Nintendo is still believed to be targeting a March 2017 release date with the NX and with that in mind, the September event could pin down a solid release date. At the same time, whilst several trustworthy leaks have claimed to understand the specs of the Nintendo NX, those specs are likely to be confirmed by Nintendo at their official unveiling. The Nintendo NX reveal will undeniably be Nintendo’s most high-profile event to date.


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Ahead of that aforementioned reveal, leaks around the NX will continue to surface. However, according to Tech Radar, one of the most prominent recurring rumors is that the NX will see Nintendo return to cartridge-based media. Whilst other manufacturers have primarily made the switch to optical disc media, Nintendo has maintained the use of cartridges with their handheld consoles. With suggestions that the NX will use cartridges, Nintendo could now continue that trend with their home consoles too.

Whilst disc media was once the logical choice for a games console, recent advances in flash storage allow for the likes of Nintendo to once again revisit the idea. In fact, micro SD cards are now seen to be cheaper to produce than disc media, allowing for greater speeds and storage capacity. With that in mind, other manufacturers could also once again switch back.

Exactly what form the Nintendo NX will take won’t be officially known until Nintendo announces their new console. However, with solid evidence pointing towards the fact that announcement will be in the coming weeks, fans of Nintendo won’t have all that long to wait. That being said, by announcing their console in September 2016, Nintendo runs the risk of having their reveal overshadowed by other big tech announcements, with both the PlayStation Neo and iPhone 7 expected to be announced this month.

Nintendo will undeniably be hoping that the NX is more successful than its predecessor. The hardware’s unveil will be the first major test of that.

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