Tax Returns Coming From Mike Pence, Donald Trump Reported To Follow [Video]

Tax returns are coming from the Republican presidential ticket, but only from the running mate, Mike Pence. Tax returns have been something of sticking point for the GOP ticket this year, with Donald Trump refusing to release them to American voters. This is directly contradictory to an assertion that he had made in the past.

But now, Indiana Governor and Vice Presidential hopeful Mike Pence is trying to sway the tide of sentiment against Donald Trump by announcing that he himself is about to release his tax returns and that Donald Trump will also be doing the same at an undisclosed time, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This might be a good strategic move by the Trump and Pence campaign to align themselves with more transparency. It is apparent that public sentiment views Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns as an admission of guilt for something that he potentially has to hide. Whether that is true or not, only the release of the tax returns can tell.

But by getting out in front of the tax returns controversy, Mike Pence is essentially relieving the pressure from Donald Trump and giving him some breathing room to regain a positive relationship with voters.

But all of that might be a waste if Donald Trump does not deliver on a statement that Mike Pence made Sunday to NBC.

“Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns. I’ll release mine in the next week,” Mike Pence said.

But there is an open-ended response buried within that statement, because Donald Trump is reportedly waiting until the federal government can complete a review of his tax returns to release them. If that process goes on until after November, then the results of the election could be swayed with an undelivered promise that comes after Trump could potentially be elected President, which would be irreversible at that point.

So the question about Donald Trump releasing his tax returns was explored a little more in depth at that point. Mike Pence was asked if Donald Trump would release his tax returns before the election, to which he responded, “We’ll see.”

Now all the good that Mike Pence did with his announcement that he was releasing his tax returns has potentially been undone, and it might be a futile effort. Most American voters could see right through that statement, and that means that there is a better than good chance that Donald Trump will not be releasing his tax returns before the November election.

Mike Pence’s equivalent rival from the other side of the aisle, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine, has weighed in on the statement and voiced his opinion on what that kind of language entails and what it should mean to the American voters.

“What is he hiding?” Tim Kaine asked. “His tax return would show if he’s in hock to anybody. He’s spent his whole life bragging that he uses every ‘trick and dodge’ he can to get out of paying taxes.”

As many American voters may already know, Donald Trump is breaking an electoral cycle precedent that has been going on now for over four decades. Every Presidential nominee for an American election has released his/her tax returns since 1976. That includes Republicans and Democrats alike. They have all also did so before the election cycle so that American voters may scrutinize them before they showed up to vote. If Donald Trump releases his tax returns after the November election, then he would still be breaking the cycle and essentially defrauding the American voting public.

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