Courtney Stodden Miscarriage: ‘Reborn’ Baby Doll Helps Stodden Cope With Loss of Unborn Baby

Courtney Stodden was hit with a traumatic loss after miscarrying the baby she and husband Doug Hutchinson were eagerly expecting. At the advice of her therapist, Stodden has purchased a “reborn baby” doll to help cope with the devastating loss of their unborn child. Stodden posted the unboxing of the life-like doll to her Instagram account.

On Thursday, the teen bride was spotted out and about in Los Angeles affectionately cradling her new “reborn baby” doll. The aspiring singer made a run to the local coffee shop for an iced coffee. Stodden is seen cradling the newborn baby replica who was adorned in a floral patterned onesie.

Stodden reveals the healing effects of the baby doll to Us Weekly.

“It’s been surprisingly healing having him here with me… When I hold him, I feel incredibly calm. He offers a soothing effect that I need at this point in time.”

Upon unboxing the newborn baby replica on Instagram, Stodden’s followers had several different reactions ranging from encouraging words and support to insulting her therapist by calling the medical professional a “crackpot therapist.”

“I got a reborn baby based on the advice of my therapist… Apparently, quite often, these babies are used to help women cope with losing an angel baby.”

The 22-year-old shared the unboxing video on Instagram. The ‘reborn baby’ arrived in a box and sat at her door step. Stodden was both excited and nervous to open the box. Courtney is seen wearing a pink wig after shaving her head to mourn the loss of the baby.

“Just received my reborn baby today! exciting i know it may seem a little strange but my therapist suggested that having him may help me cope with my loss. #rebornbaby.”

Once Stodden opened the box, she was surprised at how life-like the doll appeared to be. Stodden could barely contain her excitement after unveiling the ‘reborn baby’ for the first time.

“The baby’s here, oh my God, I’m so nervous – it’s fragile I don’t want to hurt him… I’m excited oh my gosh it’s so pretty, he’s so beautiful. It looks like a real baby.”

Along with the doll, Stodden received a birth certificate in which the dolls name and date of birth was left blank. Courtney filled out the doll’s height, weight, and maker. The birth certificate also revealed the “reborn baby” came from Tiny Toe Angels nursery. The reborn doll community is excited to have a celebrity in their midst.

“I thought the artist did a remarkable job at creating him and I liked how his eyes were closed rather than open.”

Six weeks ago, Stodden shared the heartbreaking news that she and husband Doug Hutchinson miscarried their first baby. Stodden had been displaying her growing baby bump in a series of photos on Instagram. In July, Courtney opened up to her 190,000 followers on Twitter about her devastating loss.

“Grieving,” following up a few hours later with another tweet, which read: “Feeling so empty rn [right now].”

What Are Reborn Baby Dolls?

So what exactly are reborn baby dolls? Well, reborn babies are considered collectables. These dolls have extremely realistic features including hair made of mohair, nails, veins, and eyelashes according to the Reborns website. Saliva at the corner of the babies’ mouth, freckles, and facial features such as rosacea adds for an even more life-like appearance for the baby dolls.

Reborn babies are popular amongst art doll collectors, elderly people, and children. Many therapist suggest mourning women to purchase reborn babies after the loss of a child or miscarriage. Reborn dolls are very popular in Britain and the United States. The doll works as a surrogate, giving grieving mothers a physical outlet and opportunity to hold and nurture a baby.

In July, Stodden’s manager confirmed the miscarriage in a statement:

“It is with a heavy heart to inform you that last week Courtney Stodden suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. Courtney and her husband, Doug, are at an emotional loss for words and are using this time to grieve with their close family and friends. Please respect their privacy as the couple try to cope with losing their precious baby and seek the support they both need.”

Courtney Stodden is an aspiring actress and singer who met current hubby, Dough Hutchinson, 56, at an internet acting workshop when she was 16-years-old, according to the Daily Mail.

The famous duo recently renewed their vows in celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary.

[Photos by Frazer Harrison /Getty Images]