Gabourey Sidibe Dramatic Weight Loss Rumors Debunked, Actress Slams Fat Shamers On Twitter

You won’t believe what Gabourey Sidibe looks like now – or maybe you will considering her dramatic weight loss turned out to be an internet scam.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe became a trending topic on social media recently because of a seemingly miraculous weight loss. The only problem was that not only were the the rumors untrue, the web site that spread them showed off pics of another actress!


In yet another internet rumor designed to click-bait users, Time To Break ran a series of slideshow pics with dramatic weight loss photos of your favorite celebs including Gabourey. But as pointed out by Mademoire, the pic used in the slideshow wasn’t even of Sidibe at all, but instead of fellow actress Amber Riley.

“Not only was the story and the headline deceptive, it speaks to the very stereotypical and incorrect notion that all minorities, anyone who’s not White, look alike. You don’t have to know or followed Sidibe or Riley’s career to understand that these two women aren’t the same people.”

Sidibe took to Twitter to voice her displeasure over the mistake.

She also lamented the fact that the Instagram pic that got the ball rolling really wasn’t “documenting” her dramatic weight loss as many sites, including Facebook, suggested in their trending news. The pic in question does indeed show her with a seemingly slimmed down figure, but by no means is her weight loss transformation as dramatic as the internet would have you believe.

Not that the Precious star seemed to mind much. Sibide took to Twitter once again to dispel the weight loss rumors, while thanking fans for the added attention.

It’s easy to see why many internet users might fall for the dramatic weight loss claims, as many web sites run ads designed to grab the casual user’s attention for a click. And in many cases Hollywood stars have transformed their body for a role.

Chris Pratt famously went from overweight goofball Andy Dwyer on NBC’s Parks and Rec to Guardians of the Galaxy stud Starlord. As noted by Healthy Celeb, Pratt was turned down for a role in G.I. Joe because he didn’t have an “action hero quality” which, when translated, meant he was overweight.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss
[Image via Helathy Celeb]

“Chris found himself rejected for the part of Duke in G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra (2009), for not having an action hero quality about him. He nailed the audition for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) in the first 20 seconds. However, until Chris read for his part, even the director James Gunn admitted that he failed to visualize the actor with enough charisma to play the lead, owing to his chubby face and body.”

For the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks ran the gamut of both weight gain and loss. As noted by Watch Fit, “when Tom Hanks was in this shape, they shot the parts of the film before the island scenes and then took a year off to let Tom lose weight to impersonate a real cast away.”

[Image via Watch Fit]
Finally, both Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth took on the most dramatic transformations for their roles in The Machinist and In The Heart Of The Sea dropping insane amounts of weight for the role.

Chris Hemsowrth Weight Loss
[Image via Adira]
So while it’s not uncommon for Hollywood celebs like Gabourey Sidibe to dramatically transform themselves for their craft, in this case, the rumor of her weight loss was larger than the actual truth.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]