The Moon Is A UFO Observatory Built By Aliens That Engineered Earth’s Atmosphere And Created DNA, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

UFO conspiracy theorists have insisted for decades that the Moon is a carefully engineered artificial structure, a gigantic alien UFO built by a technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

The Moon, according to conspiracy theorists, was towed, after it was built, through vast interstellar distances and parked in orbit to function as an observatory collecting data about Earth and documenting the complex process of evolution of life, human behavior, social and cultural evolution of human civilization.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Moon was placed in orbit around Earth by an advanced alien civilization that was also responsible for designing the Earth’s atmosphere and making it suitable to support life.

The advanced alien civilization created DNA and initiated the process of evolution as a science experiment, conspiracy theorists claim.

But because the advanced aliens needed an observatory stationed in space to secretly monitor the evolution of life and human civilization on Earth, they carefully disguised the Moon to make it appear like a natural satellite of Earth.

However, in recent decades, beginning in the middle of the twentieth century, evidence piling up about the composition and structure of the Moon suggests it is an artificial structure, the product of advanced science and technology.

But scientists have pretended not to notice the mounting evidence supporting the artificial Moon theory, conspiracy theorists claim.

The first significant piece of evidence that the Moon is not a natural satellite of Earth is the distribution of its mass, according to conspiracy theorists. Most celestial bodies have a hard, central nucleus where mass is concentrated. But the Moon has a disproportionate amount of its mass concentrated beneath its crust, suggesting that it has a hollow interior, according to Bibliotecapleyades.

Artificial Moon theorists argue that among the best evidence the Moon is an engineered structure was obtained in November, 1969, when the Apollo 12 crew conducting the Passive Seismic Experiment, crashed the Lunar Module on the Moon’s surface and generated a moonquake.

NASA astronaut on the Moon [Image via Shutterstock]
They took measurements of the quake, caused by an impact with a force of about one ton of TNT, and found to their amazement that the Moon vibrated in a symmetrical pattern like an engineered structure fitted with hydraulic damper struts acting as shock absorbers.

“The proposal that the Moon is an artificial satellite of Earth… is known as the Spaceship Moon Theory, Artificial Moon Theory, or Alien Moon Theory.”

They were also amazed to observe that the shock waves generated by the impact caused the Moon to reverberate like a gigantic hollow bell for nearly an hour. A similar experiment performed by the Apollo 13 mission recorded the Moon reverberating like a gong for nearly three hours.

Geologists say the Earth reverberates for only a few minutes even in massive Earthquakes.

According to theorists, the reaction of the Moon to the impacts suggested it was a hollow structure.

The hollow Moon theory, according to theorists, is also supported by its estimated density of 3.34 g/cm3, compared to Earth’s 5.5 g/cm3.

“Sure, claiming the Moon is artificial might sound crazy, but why does it ring like a bell when struck?”

Scientists also noted that the Moon reacted to the force of the impacts as one would expect of an engineered space structure designed specially to withstand potentially catastrophic collisions with asteroids and comets.

According to conspiracy theorists, the structure and composition of the Moon proves it is an engineered artificial structure with a superficial 3-mile surface layer of dust and rock and a 20-mile thick shell made of high-tensile engineering materials, such as Titanium.

The apparent intelligent design of the Moon makes it so stable that no meteorite impact can break it into pieces, conspiracy theorists claim.

The theory that the Moon is an artificial structure was first proposed the 1970s by two Russian scientists, Alexander Shcherbakov and Mikhail Vasin, in an article with the title “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?”

According to Shcherbakov and Vasin, the Moon was once a natural space body but it was modified and converted into an artificial structure by alien builders who melted its natural solid core and moved the resulting molten lave to the surface to create a tough artificial shell for the Moon.

Shcherbakov and Vasin argued that evidence supporting their theory comes from the fact that lunar craters formed through asteroid impacts have been measured and found to be shallower than expected. The bottoms of the resulting craters also tend to be flat or convex.

Impact craters on the Moon [Image via Shutterstock]
The only logical explanation of these observations, according to Shcherbakov and Vasin, is that impacting space bodies rebound when they hit an impenetrable shell made of a high-tensile material just below the surface.

Theorists have also claimed that the physical and chemical composition of the Moon’s surface suggest it is an artificial structure. Scientists, according to artificial Moon theorists, have debated the implications of the unusually dense surface of the Moon for decades. Scientists, according to conspiracy theorists, are unable to explain the presence on the lunar surface of elements not found in nature.

According to conspiracy theorists, Moon rocks have been found to contain significant amounts of forged metals that are not known to occur in natural environments untouched by human technological activity. High quality titanium used for construction of space satellites and submarines is found in relatively high concentration in Moon rocks, according to conspiracy theorists.

Analysis of Moon samples also reveal presence of highly-processed uranium of a quality unknown in nature, including small amounts of radioactive substances used to produce plutonium on a large scale.

Some theorists have also drawn attention to the incredible coincidence that the Moon is precisely that size it needs to be to fit perfectly in front of the Sun during a total eclipse, according to View Zone.

The Moon is able to fit perfectly in front of the Sun during a total eclipse because it is 400 times smaller than the Sun but 400 times closer to the Earth.

Conspiracy theorists argue that this in an improbably coincidence and evidence that the Moon was parked deliberately in orbit around the Earth by purposeful intelligent designers.

[Image via Gregory H. Revera/Wikimedia Commons]

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