Man Kicks Black Lab After Scuffle In San Francisco Park, Fellow Dog Owners Attempt To Restrain Him [Video]

Visitors to a San Francisco dog park found themselves in the middle of a skirmish as a group of dogs became disorderly toward one another. Although none of the canines were injured, a man who became upset during the incident took his anger out on a black lab, running toward the dog at full speed and kicking it in the ribs. He was then tackled by another dog owner at the park.

The man who attacked the black lab at the Duboce Park was the owner of a basset hound that was in the center of the disorderly altercation. Witnesses claim that the man, who has not been named, grabbed the black lab by the collar and dragged the dog and its owner to the ground in an attempt to stop the skirmish, according to ABC 7 News in San Francisco.

Visitors to the park feel that the man stepped out of bounds by attacking the black lab and scolded him to leave the dog park. The man responded by yelling at the other owners to take responsibility for their dogs.

“Take some responsibility for your dog, that’s why I’m mad. That’s why I’m mad.”

The woman who owns the black lab attempted to walk away without further issue, hoping to leave the area. However, the owner of the basset hound ran full speed at the black lab and kicked it in the ribs. A man who was on the scene ran toward the assailant and tackled him to the ground in hopes he would be restrained until the police arrived.

The video did not begin until after the dog scuffle was finished, so it is unclear whose dog started the rowdy behavior. However, most of the dog owners seemed to agree that it was not a big issue and is normal when multiple dogs congregate in one area. However, the basset hound owner seemed to be more worked up than the dogs, all of which seemed to be over the scuffle that started the entire event.

Although the man had plenty of opportunities to grab his basset hound and walk away quietly, he chose to ignore the other dog owners and take his aggression and anger out on the black lab, all while his unleashed basset hound wandered unsupervised in the background.

The woman who owns the basset hound was concerned that the man broke her dog’s ribs with the force of his kick. However, the dog was not permanently harmed after the attack.

Scuffles at dog parks are not uncommon and are expected by most dog owners. In instances where two or more dogs show aggression toward one another, it is best to remove the dogs from the situation and give them time to calm down. Becoming angry and attacking the dog or its owner will only inflict more stress upon the dogs and could cause more aggression in the animals. Luckily, the dogs in the video did not become aggressive as the tempers escalated. However, the man who inflicted harm on the black lab stepped out of bounds by instigating harm on the animal.

Unfortunately, the assailant was gone before police arrived, according to the Daily Mail. The woman who owns the black lab filed a report and hopes the man will be found and justice will be achieved.

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