Sarah Palin’s Father And Brother Write Book

Sarah Palin‘s father and brother want the world to see the former governor and vice presidential candidates through their eyes, so they’ve written a book.

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska paints an intimate portrait of Alaska’s first female governor. Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr. will autograph copies of the book at noon Monday at a Barnes & Noble to promote the release.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the book portrays a hard working Palin, who had a penchant for faith, sports, and hunting.

“I tried to think of some knuckleheaded thing she did and couldn’t,” said Heath Sr., 74. “At church they asked us why our kids turned out fairly decently and we said No. 1 is faith that got them through a lot and No. 2 would be sports.”

A post by Palin herself, on Palin4America, Sarah Palin’s website, described the book as well.

“A new book by my father and brother (Chuck Heath and Chuck Heath, Jr.) will be out on September 25. The book chronicles our family’s experiences in Alaska and how the adventure of growing up in the Last Frontier helped shape us. You can follow this link to see the schedule for their upcoming book tour and media appearances,” it read.

While the two men seem keen on talking about the book, as opposed to Palin’s possibly waning influence or future political ambition, they did express some disdain for John McCain’s presidential campaign and how their daughter/sister was portrayed.

“All those times they mismanaged Sarah in the campaign were twisted afterward into evidence that she was indifferent, uninformed and disinterested,” said the younger Heath, 50. “Times when she pushed back and tried to assert herself were remade into evidence that she was difficult to work with or prone to tantrums.”

The book tour kicked off Saturday and runs through October 10, with the last stop at the Hastings in Richland, Washington.