Swamp Creature Pizza: Everglades Pie Comes With Frog Legs, Python Fillets

Think you’ve had every topping you could possibly put on a pizza? Perhaps it’s time to think again. The Fort Myers eatery Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza has introduced what can only be described as a swamp creature pizza. The Everglades pie comes with an array of interesting ingredients, including frog legs, python fillets, alligator, and so-called “swamp cabbage.” According to The Huffington Post, this bizarre pizza has been quite popular with customers.

“For the Everglades pizza, we do the swamp cabbage, an alligator-wild hog sausage, frog legs — there’s the Everglades seasoning, naturally, and the python,” Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza owner Evan Daniell explained. For most people, those ingredients sound downright horrifying.

Owners Evan and Avis Daniell understand that the Everglades pizza is a little off-putting. After all, they really didn’t anticipate selling many swamp creature pies when they invented the item for their Facebook page. The idea was simple: create an interesting pizza that gets people talking. Much to their surprise, folks have been ordering the unusual concoction with surprising frequency.

“We’ve actually averaged one to two a month,” Evan explained to News-Press.com. “It’s a mix. Locals who are used to the idea of frog legs and gator, and tourists who want to try something completely different.”

If you’re thinking about stopping by Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza for a swamp creature pizza, be sure to bring plenty of cash, as the Everglades pie will reportedly set you back around $45. However, when you take into consideration the large amount of money Daniell spends on all of that delicious important python, the price tag makes sense. It’s also wise to give the restaurant at least 24-hours notice that you’re showing up for the Everglades pizza, as it takes a while to put this thing together.

Are you an adventurous eater? Would you spend $45 on the frog, python, and alligator-topped Everglades pizza?