Trump Dancing At Detroit Church: But Can He Really Dance Away His Minority Problems?

If any single image could illustrate the absolute desperation of Donald Trump’s downward spiraling campaign, it would be the sight of Trump dancing and swaying at a predominantly African-American church in Detroit. Not since Dan Ackroyd’s Doctor Detroit have we seen anyone in the Motor City try so pathetically – and fail so completely – to fit in with minorities. Of course, given the things that Trump has said about minority groups over the last year – and long before that – it’s hard to see exactly what Trump and his minions actually expected from this trip, aside from the occasional opportunity to dance badly.

Trump’s pretense of being “in the spirit” of things by dancing with the black parishioners surrounding him rings all the more hollow when you realize just how little interest Trump almost certainly has in spiritual matters. After all, this is the man who transformed Second Corinthians into two Corinthians – as though it was the beginning of a “two Corinthians walk into a bar” joke.

As reported by CNN, Trump also chose this occasion to call for a “new civil rights agenda.” However, as with so many terms that Republicans have created over the years to describe their initiatives – such as The Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind – the reality of President Trump’s civil rights proposals would likely be very different than the words suggest. George Orwell’s Newspeak is alive and well in the modern GOP.

The Rev. Lawrence Glass, center, and local religious leaders protest outside the Great Faith Ministries International church. [Photo by Carlos Osorio/AP Images]
The frenzied effort that the Trump campaign has made to keep its Tea Party bigots – while at the same time embracing the minorities that Trump has been so vigorously attacking since the early primaries – has been both appalling and laughable. But as with his dancing, it’s highly questionable whether Trump is really flexible enough to simultaneously hold on to KKK members – like David Duke – and outraged members of the NAACP.

One has to wonder if – while he was dancing – it ever entered Donald Trump’s mind that virtually all of the people surrounding him despised him with a passion. Perhaps it didn’t. Certainly, Donald Trump could hardly be considered the most perceptive person when it comes to picking up on other people’s feelings.

As pointed out by the Washington Post, throughout the primary season and into the general election, Donald Trump has offered the American public a never-ending tirade against almost every imaginable minority group, from African-Americans and Hispanics to Muslims. And in an effort to ensure he has annoyed at least 50 percent of the population, Trump has also insulted and denigrated women whenever the opportunity presented itself.

With all of this, the Trump campaign’s recent decisions to drop Donald Trump into conferences with Hispanic groups in the United States, meetings with the president of Mexico and dancing sessions in Detroit are incredibly incongruous. Particularly given the fact that – after meeting with these groups or individuals – Future Trump immediately repudiates what Past Trump has just said.

For instance, mere days after Trump suggested a “kinder gentler” immigration policy, he stood behind a podium in Arizona and reaffirmed his prior commitment to deporting millions of people from the United States virtually overnight. He also assured Americans that he would still build a wall between the United States and Mexico on Mexico’s dime, despite the fact that Mexico’s president had entirely rejected the idea.

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shake hands. [Photo by Marco Ugarte/AP Images]
But then, consistency hasn’t exactly been the hallmark of the Trump campaign recently. And unfortunately for Trump, this kind of literal and figurative dancing with minority groups and minority issues is already beginning to alienate the principal group – right wing bigots – that currently support his campaign. After all, cozying up to Mexicans, black people, and Muslims isn’t exactly what they signed up for. As a result, instead of dancing at galas at the White House, Trump is more likely to find himself on Dancing with the Stars with his ex-wife.

[Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]

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