WWE News: WWE Superstar Finn Balor Could Be Back From Injury In Time For ‘WrestleMania 33’

It seemed everything was going perfectly for WWE Superstar Finn Balor. He was drafted to WWE RAW with the fifth overall pick after being in WWE NXT for two years where he became the longest reigning and most notable NXT Champion in the history of the brand. Expectations were high for him and he really delivered by giving the fans two wins on his first night in the company. He would go on to have a great match with Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam where he would capture the first ever WWE Universal Championship.

Sadly, Balor was hurt in the match with Rollins after Seth powerbombed him into a barricade. Finn Balor actually separated his shoulder and put right back into place to finish the match like some sort of wrestling cyborg. While he did an amazing job with finishing the match, the issue was that pain was getting worse and it forced him to get checked out. The result was terrible, a torn labrum, which would keep him out four to six months.

The thought among most was that he could actually be back before the end of the year if the labrum was all he had to worry about. Sadly, it was not the entire issue for the Demon King. It was found he had a torn bicep among other issues during the match he had with Rollins, which pushed his recovery time even further up. He would maybe have a shot to be back by December, but with everything else going on it seemed like he would have no chance to do that.

Balor Rollins powerbomb
According to Ringside News, that pretty much confirmed that he would not return at The Royal Rumble in January. He could be out eight to nine months, but a return by WrestleMania 33 is said to be a possibility. WrestleMania is about seven months away, and Balor had surgery in August to fix everything. That said, getting back in seven months is not as hard as trying to get back in four.

While it would be nice for Balor to shock the world and make a return in the Royal Rumble match, the great return just couldn’t happen with Balor not being at 100 percent. Rehab alone will take him over four months from all the issues he is going through now. However, many times WWE Superstars have come back earlier than expected from injuries. That is not saying Finn Balor will be one of those people however. Other times, such as the case with Daniel Bryan, people have complications and have to miss more time than they would like.

WWE feels they have a lot in Balor and are certainly still planning to use him well when he comes back from his injury. It is being said that WWE is providing injury updates as often as possible because they want to keep him as hot as possible. They plan to push him right back to the top when he returns, but if people forget about him then that could be an issue for the WWE in trying to do that upon his return.

Balor SummerSlam
Surely WWE fans who knew Finn Balor before he hit the main roster will not care if they do updates as they will like him regardless. However, the casual fans seem to be the people that WWE want to cater to the most. Those fans are sadly more dominate than the hardcore fans, and since those people didn’t see much of NXT, they don’t know him as well as others who did. With that being said, WWE wants to be assured fans will care about Balor when he comes back.

While unconfirmed thus far, many expect him to be back in early March. This would certainly allow him to compete in some sort of match at WrestleMania 33. It is uncertain what WWE plans to do with the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania at this point, but it would not be a surprise if Finn Balor managed to get involved in that match at the event if he manages to make it back in time.

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