Comedians Prank Call U.N. Chief, Pretend To Be Canadian PM

A Quebec comedy duo called “The Masked Avengers” are known for pulling pranks on public figures, but they may have scored their biggest hit yet by actually getting United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the phone last week during the UN General Assembly.

Reuters reported that the duo, Sébastien Trudel and Marc-Antoine Audette of Montreal radio station CKOI-FM, got Ban on the line with an impersonator mimicking Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The gag worked, the the impersonator apologized to Moon for not being able to attend the General Assembly because he was too busy combing his hair with super glue. They then asked Ban to speak with the NHL commissioner about getting a franchise in Quebec.

At that time Ban realized it was a joke and ended the call.

New York Magazine pointed out that the prank didn’t come at the best time. Ban was pulled out of a meeting, one of 120 with world leaders scheduled last week, to take the call.

“The Secretary-General quickly understood that it was a prank, and he took it in the way that it was intended, as a joke,” Ban’s spokesman said. “These things happen.”

The Canadian Prime Minister Harper was able to take a joke as well

“Well played @justiciers,” a spokesman responded. “The PM always welcomes a chance to speak with the people of Quebec but we do usually like to know about it first.”

Ban wasn’t the first famous person to be punked by “The Masked Avengers.” The duo has pulled similar gags on Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen among others.

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