Petulant Cops Refuse To Work Security At Colin Kaepernick Games Because He Hurt Their Feelings

When did America collectively decide that the police are above criticism and that it’s OK for them to refuse to work when someone hurts their feelings? Because I apparently missed that memo.

By now, you may have heard that cops in Santa Clara, California have refused to provide security at San Francisco 49ers games unless they “take action” against Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback who has been making waves this preseason for drawing attention to the problem of police brutality in this country. As The Free Thought Project reports, the Santa Clara police union sent a message to 49ers CEO Jed York.

“These intentional acts and inflammatory statements by Mr. Kaepernick are insulting to the members of the SCPOA… The 49ers organization has taken no action to stop or prevent Mr. Kaepernick from continuing to make inaccurate, incorrect and inflammatory statements against police officers.”

Apparently, the SCPOA would rather believe that there is no problem with police brutality in this country and that Colin Kaepernick is a villain for suggesting that there is. Oh, and until the 49ers assuage the hurt feelings of the SCPOA, they’re not going to provide security at 49ers games.

Cry me a river, SCPOA.

The problem of police brutality in this country is absolutely real, and pretending it isn’t – and even worse, publicly vilifying the people who keep insisting that it is – won’t make it go away.

As always, in discussions like this, I feel like I have to throw in a bunch of disclaimers, lest I be misunderstood. Yes, the police have a difficult job, yes not all cops are bad, and yes, sometimes they are put into situations where they have to make split-second decisions that may not seem right to outside observers.

What makes me scratch my head the most about this situation is that the cops feel the need to take their ball and go home, so to speak, when things don’t go their way. Here’s the thing: if I got bad service at a Taco Bell in, say Ypsilanti, and I complained about it, would every Taco Bell in Ypsilanti close its doors and refuse to sell any more food until I apologized? No, they would either make it right or, even more likely, ignore me.

But, of course, the police don’t see things that way, because unlike a business, which relies on good customer service in order to keep their revenue stream, police departments are funded by taxes, and they’re going to get their money either way.

This is, of course, not the first time a police force has decided that they’re going to sit and pout rather than do their jobs because someone has hurt their feelings.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, back in July of this year, Minneapolis police took exception to the fact that some Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) players wore shirts bearing the words “Black Lives Matter” before practice.

Lt. Bob Kroll, the president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, ever devoted to the idea that police are above criticism, commended the Minneapolis cops who refused to work further Lynx games.

What Kroll, the SPCOA, and other police (and their representatives) seem to not realize is that pointing out the problem of police brutality does not make one anti-cop, any more than saying that child abuse is bad makes you anti-parent, or saying that the government sometimes over-reaches makes you anti-government. You can support the police and still legitimately raise concerns about the actions of the few bad cops in their ranks; it is not one or the other.

Unfortunately, more and more police aren’t seeing it that way and are behaving as if the only reasonable response to criticism is to vilify their critics and refuse to work, as if they are sending some kind of message.

And that message is, “We are a bunch of petulant whiners.”

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