Cold Potatoes Spark Assault At Florida Restaurant

Cold mashed potatoes were allegedly the cause of a recent assault inside a Florida restaurant, according to The Huffington Post. An unidentified woman reportedly became quite agitated when the food she ordered at Cody’s Restaurant wasn’t to her liking. As a result, the angry patron assaulted the eatery’s manager before fleeing the scene of the crime. As of this writing, the suspect is still at large.

The Bradenton Herald reports the seeds of this peculiar incident were planted on September 14. After the suspect explained to her server that the food she received was the exact opposite of warm and tasty, she demanded a 50 percent discount on her bill. The manager, eager to keep the customer happy, gave the woman credit to return at a later date.

Fast forward to last Monday, which found the unhappy patron returning to Cody’s Roadhouse for her compensated meal. After entering the establishment around 4 pm, the woman asked to speak to someone in charge. The manager who issued the suspect’s credit responded to the request. However, their exchange soon turned heated, resulting in the woman grabbing the manager by her hand and throat.

A brief fight ensued, concluding with the suspect fleeing the scene in a blue Saab. Not surprisingly, police are interested in having a word or two with the woman.

Scuffles inside restaurants appear to be all the rage right now. According to The Southland Times, a McDonalds manager became quite irritated when a customer wouldn’t stop entering the “Employees Only” area. After repeatedly telling the man to stop entering the restricted section, the manager proceeded to punch, stomp, and “football kick” the guy for his troubles.

The Republican also reports that an officer was recently assaulted after attempting to break up a fight inside a Massachusetts pizza parlor. Going out for a bite to eat can apparently be very dangerous business.

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