Michele Williams, Greg Williams: CBS ’48 Hours’–Texas Black Widow Murdered Rich Hubby For Insurance Money

Michele Williams’s story is back on CBS 48 Hours in an updated episode of “Temptation In Texas,” which aired before her conviction. Michele Williams was dubbed the “Texas black widow” for the shooting death of her husband, IT mogul, Greg Williams. Authorities say that Michele Williams (also known as Michelle Williams) gunned down her husband in his bed, then pretended that an intruder had attacked them. She later changed her story, stating that Greg Williams had committed suicide. CBS 48 Hours, which is part of a double feature tonight, played a role in the guilty verdict that Michele Williams received at trial. Her story also captured the attention of Snapped.

According to ABC News, in October 2011, Michele Williams called 911, stating that her husband, Greg Williams, had been shot in their bed. She also indicated that an intruder had broken into their Keller home and hit her on the head.

When police arrived at the Jacob Avenue home in the exclusive section of Twin Lakes, they found 40-year old Greg Williams in bed dead from a gunshot wound. Michele Williams’ daughter, who had been sleeping on the couch, was unharmed, and it didn’t look as if Michele Williams had been gravely injured.

From the start, Michele Williams’ story was sketchy. It was obvious to seasoned investigators that the intruder story was a lie since both Michele and her daughter were allowed to live, and there were no signs of an intruder, according to the Star-Telegram.

“Michelle Williams first said that a man dressed in black had entered the home through a back door, hit her in the head with a wrench and shot her husband but a K-9 unit called to the scene did not detect the scent of an intruder.”

When pressed to tell the truth, Michele Williams made up another story, stating that Greg had committed suicide, which prompted her to stage the scene to protect her daughter, according to a report from NBCDFW-5.

Nothing that she said made sense, and the victim’s family already knew the true story: Michele Williams had killed Greg.

Greg Williams’ family members described Michele Williams as a woman who had it all but wanted more. She was materialistic and loved to use men to her advantage. Her sexy looks, along with her charming flirtations and intelligence made any man want to be with her, including her husband.

However, Greg Williams had no way of knowing that just three years after saying, “I Do,” that he’d be done—dead.

Working hard all of his life, Greg Williams went after what he wanted and established a successful IT computer analyst business from the ground up. The handsome businessman enjoyed all of the trappings that come from success–the beautiful home, the most expensive cars, exotic trips, and the pretty trophy wife.

But after marrying Michele Williams and allowing her to be the bookkeeper for his business, everything began to tumble downhill. In short, Michele destroyed Greg Williams’ business, and she destroyed him.

Prosecutors allege that the couple was having money problems due to Michele Williams, and she also stood to gain more than $650,000 in life insurance policy payouts upon Greg’s death.

According to the defense, the prosecution’s case was weak and believed that the police never had enough to charge Michele Williams with murder, since there were no fingerprints and no DNA to connect her to the killing.

With that in mind, Michele Williams was offered a plea deal that would allow her to spend no more than 18 years in prison.

However, she made a misstep. She appeared on CBS 48 Hours to give her exclusive story. After the show aired, the judge snatched the plea deal off the table and ordered Michele Williams to stand trial.

In didn’t turn out well for her. Instead of just a few years in prison, she was found guilty and sentenced to 60 years in a Texas correctional facility. Snippets of her interview from the CBS 48 Hours episode were played in court.

Watch CBS 48 Hours tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central for the latest on this case. Recently, 48 Hours revisited the case of preppy killer Robert Chambers.

[Photo by The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Rodger Mallison, Pool/AP Images]