Florida Suspect Mack Yearwood Arrested After Using Own Wanted Poster For Facebook Profile Picture

This week 42-year-old Mack Yearwood learned a valuable lesson a little too late when the police were able to locate and arrest him because he used his own wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture.

Yearwood has given the police officers in Stuart a reason to chuckle after he used a poster which had been made by the sheriff declaring that he was the “Wanted of the Week” as his Facebook profile picture. The suspect even chose to ignore a comment under the picture warning him to take it down because the police could use it against him. It was then that the Florida man confidently said that the police would not be able to find him before typing and posting his location onto his public profile picture.

Cpl. Brian Bossio made a Facebook post through the Stuart Police Department’s page detailing how the suspect had used social media to sabotage himself.

“Facebook is a great way to communicate and connect with old friends and family. If you are wanted by the police, it’s probably not a good idea to use the ‘Wanted of the Week’ poster of yourself as your profile pic.”


Stuart police were on the hunt for Mack Yearwood after a Monday night call to the office with reports of a disturbance with an alleged battery at a home in the Stuart, Florida, area. Before the police could arrive on the scene though, their suspect had already fled, but the victim of the alleged battery was able to identify Mack Yearwood and even gave the officers the address where he had been living.

Armed with that information, the police began research into the suspect the next morning and found that he had two outstanding warrants in Florida before they came across his Facebook page — where he was bold enough to have his “wanted” poster as the profile picture for his account. Using this, they were easily able to identify which Mack Yearwood social media account belonged to their suspect and began looking at the profile in earnest.

One of the comments under that Facebook profile picture actually warned Mack that the cops could use Facebook to track him, but not only did he see the comment, he also answered that particular person telling them not to worry.

“At least they won’t come get me in Tennessee.”

It was a statement ABC News Florida reported he would soon regret. It was only the next day when authorities tracked him down to his home in Tennessee before finding him at his brother’s house instead. Mack Yearwood had been sleeping when the police moved in to arrest him on the two outstanding warrants. Before he was handcuffed, he asked to put on a pair of pants that had been lying on the floor, but as he was putting on the jeans, a bag of weed fell out of the suspect’s pocket, in plain view of the officers.

Yearwood tried to avoid facing penalty for the weed though by kindly asking the officers not to charge him for that, but unfortunately for him they plan to add possession of cannabis under 20 grams to his other charges.

Jail records indicate that the Florida man is being held at the Martin County Jail and previously worked for a Jupiter construction company. He does not currently face any charges in regard to the allegations of battery as police say the case is still under investigation. It is not known as yet if the suspect has retained a lawyer, but no plea has been entered for the cannabis possession charge.

Yearwood was wanted in Citrus County for violating the terms of his probation on two counts of battery.

[Image via Citrus County Sheriff’s Office]

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