Joe Biden Shuts Down A Heckler, Rips Donald Trump For Choking On A Silver Spoon in Same Week

Vice President Joe Biden may be the most beloved American politician of our time. People get him, and many feel that he gets them too. It was devastating news to many Democrats when he announced he would not be putting his hat in the ring for Elections 2016.

He would make a great president, and America loves him. This is why many people consider him to be Hillary Clinton’s ace in the hole on the campaign trail.

The vice president took his tell-it-like-it-is spirit to the key swing state of Ohio this week for Hillary Clinton. And he came out swinging. Within 24 hours, The Guardian reports Joe Biden silenced a room by shutting down a heckler and hammering Donald Trump’s character as gracefully as only Joe Biden could, according to NBC News.

But Biden’s Donald Trump-isms are no news to anybody. Even so, Democrats love his Trump jabs all the same, but that wasn’t what had people talking about Joe Biden yesterday. It was when he momentarily silenced an entire rally by bringing up the recent death of his son, in response to a heckler, according to The Guardian.

Here’s Joe Biden arriving in Ohio yesterday in a video he posted to Facebook.

This week in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden was in true form, hitting the campaign trails in Ohio for Hillary Clinton, and offering his thoughts on why he thinks she should be the next president. “She gets it,” he said many times in his speeches to Ohio residents this week, when talking about the real struggles of the middle class.

But one heckler in a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday, didn’t want to talk middle class. As Joe Biden was delivering his speech yesterday, the heckler, who likes to be called “Renais ISIS slayer” according to The Guardian, wanted to talk about something else.

“Renais” wanted to talk about why Vice President Biden recently demanded that the Kurdish allies withdraw from ISIS territory, reports The Guardian, who has heard from the heckler via email. The protester yelled to the vice president, “My friends died, my American friends. My friend died.”

He reportedly kept repeating the phrase, trying to get the vice president’s attention. When it was clear to the crowd that he was heckling, they began chanting “Hillary! Hillary!” in an apparent effort to drown him out.

The vice president responded as only Joe Biden could. “Will you listen? So did my son, OK?”

It was a moment that multiple outlets are reporting silenced the room, as only Joe Biden could. He was referring to his son Beau Biden, former attorney general of Delaware, who died of cancer this year. The vice president’s grief has been very public, with both him and his dear friend President Obama citing the death as the number one reason he did not run for office in Elections 2016.

And that’s how Joe Biden shut down his Syrian war protester at a rally about the middle class. When Biden was asked by the protester, “Why did you tell the YPG to go back?” Biden said, “The deal was to get them into Manbij – and to work – so that we could have [US] special forces move in, that’s why.”

And, in true Biden form, he went above and beyond, offering the protester a chance to meet after the rally to discuss his issue personally. The Guardian reports that “Renais ISIS” was seen speaking with Secret Service moments later, but the protester reportedly told The Guardian by email that a meeting has yet to occur.

“Renais ISIS” also told The Guardian that, “I think he [Joe Biden] means well, but it was evident that he hasn’t been briefed on the situation in Syria.” It remains highly unlikely that the vice president of the United States has not been briefed on “the situation in Syria.”

It wasn’t the only priceless Joe Biden moment on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in Ohio this week. As the stump speeches moved northeastern, setting Ohio citizens straight on Donald Trump was next on Biden’s to-do list. One word that Americans love to hear out of Biden’s mouth is the word “malarkey.”

It is a term that many find endearing and part of his “real” and down-to-earth persona. It is a term that he has repeatedly used when discussing Trump, and did so on the national stage at the Democratic National Convention this past July. He has also said it many times recently on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

He did so this week as well, but took it one step further to include the word “cockamamie” in referencing Donald Trump’s policies this week. NBC News reports that Biden also told the crowds that he thought Donald Trump was choking on the silver spoon in his mouth. NBC News reports that in Warren, Ohio, on Thursday, Joe Biden said,

“This is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he’s choking on because his foot’s in his mouth along with his spoon….My biggest problem with Donald Trump is not his cockamamie policies, it’s the way he treats people.”

Biden also called Trump “irresponsible,” attacked Trump’s national security policies and lack thereof, and reminded Ohio citizens that telling America that President Obama founded ISIS put American lives in jeopardy abroad. He also told Ohio voters in many stops throughout the day that Donald Trump just wasn’t qualified to be president of the United States.

What happened at these rallies was Vice President Joe Biden doing what politicians do during a campaign: they stay on message. And he did, while also responding to the concerns of constituents. Watch Vice President Joe Biden get on message with the Syrian heckler in the entire exchange right here.

It is this gentle spirit and lean-in attitude of Joe Biden’s that makes him so likable, and a great ace in the hole for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, especially in a key state like Ohio. One demographic that Clinton does have a problem with is the white male demo.

To try and swing some voters Clinton’s way, Biden met men outside the Warren’s United Automobile Workers Local 1714 to remind them that “she gets it.” NBC News reported that Biden then went to the Clinton campaign field office in Parma, Ohio, to deliver another stump speech where he told voters, “I’m Joe Biden, I work for Hillary.”

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