Enzo Amore Could Be WWE’s Next Top Guy, ‘Wrestling Insider’ Explains

Enzo Amore is his name. WWE fans will recognize him as the “bonafide G” and “certified stud,” which are things that simply can’t be taught.

The spiel hasn’t gotten old with wrestling fans since it premiered back on NXT some time ago, and now that Enzo Amore and Big Cass are on the main product, there has been some talk of pushing both as top stars.

Big Cass has been the biggest benefactor of this talk with placement in the recent Fatal Four-Way to determine the new WWE Universal Champion.

Unfortunately for Enzo Amore and his fans, his push hasn’t really happened yet, with the superstar eating a couple of pins from veteran Chris Jericho and being relegated — at least in-ring — to jobber status.

This has led some in the wrestling industry to argue that the company deserves to fail for its handling of him because they don’t quite understand what they’ve got.

Mister Saint Laurent (MSL) has been one of the biggest supporters of Enzo Amore, noticing that he’s the only superstar on the roster outside of Kevin Owens capable of controlling the crowd and keeping them engaged with promos.

Enzo is also one of few stars able to go off-script in a way that feels genuine and compelling. However, he doesn’t have a look that translates to what WWE CEO Vince McMahon has wanted in the past for his top stars.

Amore is listed as one of the smaller WWE superstars at five-foot-11 and 200 pounds. By the measurements, he would qualify as a Cruiserweight competitor, and it’s this qualification that MSL believes WWE needs to focus on to get Enzo Amore to the top of the card.

It’s no secret that WWE will soon be debuting its Cruiserweight division once the Cruiserweight Classic tournament is in the books. That means there will eventually be a Cruiserweight Champion, and even though WWE has tried unsuccessfully in the past to legitimize the smaller weight class, it has never been as stacked with this many competitors.

The weekly tournament routinely receives standing ovations and huge audience reactions. Interest is at an all-time high even as WWE itself moves toward a leaner look for its top stars.

Take Finn Balor, for example. Balor isn’t your typical “top guy,” yet the company recently put the WWE Universal Championship around his waist, and he would likely still have it if he hadn’t been injured at SummerSlam.

That brings things back to Enzo Amore and, more specifically, to MSL’s thoughts on how the WWE could legitimately place him at the top of the card.

In a recent episode of MLW Radio, MSL said he felt that Enzo Amore and Finn Balor should be considered for the Cruiserweight division and that it could be a way to simultaneously elevate both men and the division itself.

Using Enzo Amore as the prime example, MSL asked what the point of the Cruiserweight division was if “we don’t want to put big stars in it?”

“I think it would take time to educate the audience, but if you’ve got a guy with a personality that is clicking with the people, I don’t see why not.”

What MSL liked about elevating the Cruiserweight division, he said, was that it gave a chance to put someone else up on the pedestal that might not otherwise be there.

Until they were jobbing out Enzo Amore, he continued, “this guy was super super over… but there’s no reason why a guy that talks and was connecting as well as Enzo couldn’t be a world champion.”

MSL suggested putting the Cruiserweight title around the waist of Enzo Amore and said that if the belt was adequately protected “and your World Heavyweight Champion is Seth Rollins, I’d say give it a few months, and I think Enzo’s belt would be drawing more.”

But what do you think, readers? Does the Cruiserweight division have the potential of rising to main event status on WWE’s main product, and if so, would Enzo Amore be a good fit? Sound off in the comments section.

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