South Carolina Parents Outraged Over Teacher’s Cruel Punishment For 5-Year-Old Girl

Two parents in Simpsonville, South Carolina, were outraged after learning their 5-year-old daughter’s teacher threw her shoes in the trash and made her walk barefoot as punishment, according to the Greenville Online.

The incident occurred Thursday, August 25, when the first-grader, Taraji Edward, was fondling with her sandals in lieu of paying attention in class.

Her teacher – whose name has not been released – reportedly told the child several times to stop, but she “wouldn’t listen.”

The teacher then proceeded to take Edwards’ shoes off and throw them in the crash, forcing the child to walk barefoot as punishment.

About a half-hour later, the teacher told Taraji to fetch her sandals out of the trash can.

Edwards remained quiet about the incident when she returned home until her mother started to ask questions.

When the child’s mother, Chartrese Edwards, was getting her ready for school the following day, the child apparently cried, saying, “no mommy I don’t want to wear those sandals.”

That’s when the child told her mother that her teacher threw them in the trash because she wouldn’t stop touching them.

Taraji added that she was only touching them because “the strap was bothering her.”

The child’s parents were outraged, saying, “I feel like it was malicious behavior. I’m angry about it because you could have used a better method.”

“I raised her with dignity and respect to take care of herself, especially her appearance. And you take shoes I bought for her and you throw them in the trash.”

She added, “You don’t have that right to do that, you don’t have the right to take my baby’s shoes off her feet and throw them in the trash and humiliate her in front of her peers.”

Reporters spoke with the child and she said, “I feel embarrassed, and I did not like how she treated me… that’s not a way I can make friends.”

“And I do not want to get treated like that. I’m only six.”

Chartrese reached out to the Greenville County Schools District, who released a statement.

“This matter is being thoroughly investigated by Bryson Elementary and by district administrators. The investigation is not yet complete. As this is a personnel matter, Greenville County Schools cannot release the teacher’s name or the disciplinary action taken, if the investigation determines that discipline is warranted.”

“Greenville County Schools does not tolerate embarrassment or humiliation as a form of punishment,” a spokeswoman, Beth Brotherton, with the Greenville County Schools said.

“The incident involving a teacher placing a child’s shoes in a trash can was thoroughly investigated by Bryson Elementary and by district administrators. Appropriate disciplinary action was taken.”

The girl’s parents want to “see action taken against the teacher,” but even if they do, they’ve stated that they don’t know if Taraji will be returning to the Bryson Elementary School, according to WSPA.

Chartrese said, “I haven’t made a decision for what we’re going to do further because I need to gain some trust.”

As of now, the mother has taken Taraji out of the school and the “school district approved a home bound teacher.”

After the incident, the girl’s parents set up a Go Fund Me account to help send their child to a private school.

According to the site, it stated that “she should not have to continue to be punished for the negligence of her teacher, who is supposed to be a role model, leader, and to protect her.”

“Please help us get Taraji into private school, away from the memories she’s had from this abuse so she can receive the education that is due to her.

“We thank you so much for your love and support, and just know that we are not just accepting monetary gifts, we are accepting prayers too.”

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