Lindsay Lohan Lingerie Photo: Starlet Seductively Asks Apology From Ex-Fiance

Lindsay Lohan is revealing all to fans once again. The troubled starlet took to Instagram to post a new lingerie photo in hopes of attracting her ex-fiance, Egor Tarabasov.

Lohan is still waiting for an apology from her ex-fiance. So, she decided to post a seductive photo on Instagram along with a special message for Tarabasov.

“Maybe I go back to blonde? #noboyfriend #stillneedimsorry @terryrichardson #work,” she added.

In the photo above, Lohan is seen wearing a barely-there mesh bikini. She seductively throws her right arm over her head as she’s seen holding a cigarette in her left hand. Lohan gives the camera her signature open-mouth smolder.

That’s not the only photo she posted. Lohan followed up that lingerie photo with a close-up shot of her seductively putting her fingers into her mouth, reports Jezebel. In the caption, she wrote, “Like Eminem said ‘patiently waiting’ #N2LTSS.”

Lohan, 30, has still not returned the engagement ring that Tarabasov, 23, gave her when he popped the question, according to PageSix. Back in July, the Russian billionaire was caught grabbing Lohan while they were arguing during their beach vacation in Mykonos, Greece, after she tossed his phone out a jeep. Lohan has also accused Tarabasov of attempting to her kill her during another explosive fight at their London flat, most of which was captured on video via The Mirror.

“No woman can be hit like this and stay with the person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry,” Lohan said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

The former couple got engaged in September 2015. Lohan and Tarabasov were originally planning their nuptials in Italy sometime next year. It doesn’t look like Lohan wants to take back Tarabasov – hopefully, that’s not the case. But, seducing her former fiance with sexy photos in order to get an apology from him is not the way to go about it. On the other hand, Lohan still has the ring that he gave her.

Lohan has previously shared a photo of herself wearing the emerald engagement ring on her other hand, reports Us Weekly. She took to her infamous Instagram page on Monday, Aug. 22, in which she showed off the ring she previously took off. In the photo, Lohan is also seen trying out the floral crown filter that’s commonly used on Snapchat.

Just recently, insiders told OK! Magazine that Lohan is ready to start dating again. She still has hopes about finding the love of her life, especially if he’s wealthy.

“Lilo’s convinced it’s her destiny to marry a rich man. She thought she was on to a winner with Egor, but instead of hiding away licking her wounds, she’s determined to get back out there and find her perfect Daddy Warbucks.”

The source then told the outlet that Lohan is searching for a relationship with security, as looks or age are not the most important factors.

“She’s said she’d happily marry a guy as old as Anna Nicole Smith’s late husband – all she wants is a secure future. She’s given up on dating hot rich guys – they’re all jerks. She wants an older man who’ll appreciate her more.”

Whether or not Lohan is really over Tarabasov is yet to be seen. It looks like she’s still taunting and teasing him with her saucy lingerie photos. However, this isn’t the first time that Lohan has used inappropriate photos for a troubling situation. Back in July, Lohan posted a photo of herself posing seductively on a bed in a silk nightie and with her hand to her mouth after the terrorist attacks in Turkey, reports the Independent. Fans were outraged over the photo, which Lohan never removed or apologized for.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]