Alyson Hannigan Shares Secrets Of Creative Motherhood

Alyson Hannigan makes special box lunches for her kids, according to Us Magazine. The 42-year-old Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress recently talked to Us Magazine and revealed a few details from her life of being a mom.

Alyson Hannigan, who is currently filming for TV Land’s upcoming First Wives Club reboot, thinks she is going “overboard” because she makes special bento box lunches for her kids.

“I naturally wake up before my alarm because I’m so excited to go downstairs!”

Alyson Hannigan shares two kids with actor husband Alexis Denisof, seven-year-old Satyana and four-year-old Keeva. For her interview with Us Magazine, Hannigan exclusively unveiled what’s in the box lunch of her eldest daughter, Satyana.

“Saty’s class finished a bird study, so I made her a banana and almond butter sandwich shaped like an owl. I cut the bread with cookie cutters.”

Alyson Hannigan prefers to slice strawberries into hearts, as she said it’s the “easiest way” and doesn’t take much time. The secret is simple. Just cut the strawberry in half and then cut the top part into a V.

“I’m obsessed with egg molds. They sell them on Amazon. You boil an egg, peel it immediately and put it in the mold.”

Then, all you need is ice-cold water. Just put it in ice-cold water for 10 minutes and when you cut the egg, it stays in that shape. Alyson Hannigan also recalled when she went to the Japan Center Malls in San Francisco and got the cutters that make carrots into 3D bunnies.

“You just slot the pieces together. That blew both my kids’ minds!”

Alyson Hannigan is also a fan of cookie cutters of various shapes and sizes, as well as all kinds of kitchen scissors and food tweezers that make the cooking process easier and more fun.

Alyson Hannigan is so creative, not only in terms of packing box lunches for her kids but also in terms of interior design, according to People magazine. The How I Met Your Mother actress even turned her Los Angeles home’s guesthouse into a special place for herself and her kids to get creative.

In her interview with People magazine, Alyson Hannigan revealed that although they are planning to have a guest room in their house eventually, right now there is a designated crafting area. In fact, Hannigan received lots of help from her daughters to turn the house into a crafter’s dream.

“That’s my office basically. What I really love to do is craft, so that is the one space that I really wanted. When you see how much stuff I have, you’ll see why I needed a house for it!”

It’s no surprise why Alyson Hannigan wanted to redecorate her guesthouse, as it was just a plain white space with lots of storage. And so, the actress installed open shelving, glass, and acrylic storage containers of different sizes in order to change the overall image of the room.

The room also boasts an envy-inducing collection of ribbon and paper washi tape, which allows the room to look vintage and classy at the same time. It looks like Alyson Hannigan spent a great deal of time decorating the paint room, which she didn’t have at their old house.

“The day the paints got unpacked – and the room wasn’t even totally unpacked – the three of us were in our pajamas painting. I feel like that will definitely be the most utilized space!”

Alyson Hannigan has starred in Do You Take This Man this year and is working on the TV movie The First Wives Club, which is currently in production.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation]