Jennifer Hawkins ‘Inspired’ By Donald Trump, Signs On With Myer For Another Two Years

Jennifer Hawkins is inspired by Donald Trump, according to the Daily Telegraph. Nearly half of the United States dislike the Republican presidential candidate, but it appears that even some Australians have fallen in love with Trump’s story of success.

Jennifer Hawkins, the 32-year-old model from Australia, sees Trump as one of her sources of inspiration. During her interview with the Daily Telegraph, the winner of Miss Universe in 2004 revealed that Trump had inspired her to “keep going and follow my heart.”

Donald Trump and Jennifer Hawkins met back in 2004, the year when his Apprentice reality game show was still on the air and when the Iraq war was raging and making headlines. And the model was especially inspired by Trump’s story in Esquire, which had the real estate mogul featured on the cover and had the prophetic cover line “How I’d Run The Country (Better).”

Jennifer Hawkins sees Trump as a very passionate and very driven person who always asks himself, “What’s next?” In the model’s opinion, that’s the question she should continue to ask herself in order to change her life for the better.

And while what’s next for Trump is the November 2016 presidential election, for Jennifer Hawkins, it’s not so clear. The model may have a pretty face, but she has the mind of an entrepreneur, she says.

In fact, it appears that Jennifer Hawkins is tired of being a model, and she wants to pursue her business career or host a TV project. The model is already part of several promising business projects.

And since building a future and expanding her career as a businessperson doesn’t necessarily rely on a stunning figure and a pretty face, Jennifer Hawkins wants to start working on her business career now.

Winning the Miss Universe titled in 2004 not only brought Jennifer Hawkins a $250,000 pearl-encrusted crown and worldwide recognition, but it also gave her the pleasure of meeting Trump’s bosses, who knew the model would need help when her modeling career would end.

And when her 12-month Miss Universe contract was almost over, Trump’s bosses hired a manager for Jennifer Hawkins. It was Sean Anderson, who had worked at global giant IMG, and ever since then, he has been finding new business opportunities for the Australian model.

Anderson was the one who brokered Jennifer Hawkins’ deals with retailer Myer, and the model has since worked with the brand for a decade. In fact, Hawkins has recently signed on for two more years with the brand, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Jennifer Hawkins, who has been with retailer Myer since early 2007, has agreed to serve as the face of the brand for another two years. It means that if her contract is terminated at the end of 2018, she will have served as the face of Myer for almost 12 years.

Last weekend, Jennifer Hawkins released a statement in which she revealed she was thrilled to continue working for the brand.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity Myer has given me over the last ten years and I am excited about the next two years.”

Apart from Jennifer Hawkins, Myer also renewed the contracts for other two of its ambassadors, Rachael Finch and Jodi Anasta. The two will serve as the brand’s faces for another year. It’s unclear whether the brand is interested in hiring Hawkins to be their ambassador in 2019 when the model will be 35-years-old.

Last Tuesday, Jennifer Hawkins walked the catwalk to promote Myer’s clothes for the brand’s Spring 2016 Fashion Launch in Sydney, where she flashed her rock-hard abs and boasted her beautiful figure.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]