Subway’s Jared Fogle Wants To Sue Victim’s Parents, Says They Are To Blame For Molestation

Jared from Subway seems to be using his time in prison to find anyone and everyone to blame but himself for his child molestation and child pornography conviction. Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, pleaded guilty to the charges which have placed him in prison for fifteen plus years, but he wants it made public that the victim of his crime was also victimized by her own parents, who have filed a civil suit against Fogle. This action seems to be backfiring against Jared from Subway, who now seems to want to truly blame the victim, a minor, for his crime.

Jared Fogle has a history of pointing a finger at others for his crimes and trespasses against others, as when the full collection of child pornography surfaced, he claimed that it was on his computer because of his employee, Russell Taylor, according to The Inquisitr. But Taylor, who is also behind bars, and is being sued civilly for hiding cameras in changing areas of the home while young girls dressed, calls Jared Fogle “a porn mastermind.” Taylor seems to be taking responsibility for his role in the perverted crimes against children, but he says many of the plans were put in place by Jared Fogle.

Jared Fogle, whose name used to be synonymous with healthy sandwich choices, now evokes a seedy, unhealthy image of a grown man who preyed on underaged girls and boys. Fogle, who has been in prison serving his fifteen plus year sentence for less than a year, has spent much of his time trying to reduce his sentence and deflect responsibility onto others, says Fortune. At this time, Jared is blaming the parents of his victim, essentially for allowing her to be in a place to be victimized by him and his employee, Russell Taylor.


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The parents of one of Subway Jared Fogle’s victims filed suit earlier this year, claiming that as a result of the crimes Jared Fogle committed against her, she had become suicidal after learning that she was one of the minors taped while changing and bathing at a home Jared Fogle and Russell Taylor used for parties.

But in a rather disturbing move, Jared Fogle has filed a motion that essentially says that the girl was disturbed before he violated her because she was already distressed by her parents divorce that was in progress. It is reportedly not uncommon for child molesters to seek out children who come from a troubled home life.

Fogle also claims that the victim’s parents engage in drinking alcohol and fighting in front of Jane Doe, which led to her depression and anxiety well before she was victimized by Jared Fogle and Russell Taylor. Perhaps this explanation sounds valid to Jared Fogle from his prison cell, but it got an angry reaction from those on Twitter.

“There isn’t a word for how despicable this is – our legal system should protect victims and their families from this.”

“As if I couldn’t hate him more. Ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle sues his victim’s parents”

The Hollywood Gossip is calling Jared Fogle’s blame the victim turn of events as the world’s most despicable lawsuit. Part of Jared Fogle of Subway’s conviction was due to his traveling on behalf of Subway and his charity between Indiana and New York, paying for sex with a multitude of teens between 2010 and 2013. Additional civil suits are likely.

Jared Fogle’s attorneys continue to downplay Fogle’s crimes by saying that Jared was only guilty of “mild pedophilia.” The phrase “mild pedophilia” is indicative of how out of touch Jared Fogle and his team are about his crimes.

The Hollywood Gossip calls Jared Fogle’s move against the parents of one of his victims “ballsy” as he doesn’t deny his crime against this victim, but wants to put it on the record that the girl’s parents also did things that upset her also.

So far, none of Jared Fogle’s overtures from prison have been successful, as the judge denied any reduction in sentence for the former Subway pitchman.

Does this filing from Jared Fogle make you think that Fogle is even worse than before?

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