Play ‘Overwatch’ For Free Next Weekend On PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Heroes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can play Overwatch for free next weekend. The team-based shooter from Blizzard Entertainment will be completely free to try from September 9 through September 12 giving new players a chance to test their skills before purchasing the game. Players can expect 22 heroes, 13 maps, and four different game modes during the free weekend.

During the upcoming free weekend, Overwatch players can jump into all of the game’s modes like Quick Play and the Weekly Brawl. Custom Games, Loot Boxes, and progression will also all be available to those trying out the game during the free session according to the announcement on the official game website.

Anything accomplished during the free weekend is saved to the player’s account, too. After enjoying the weekend, players can opt to purchase Overwatch and continue right where they left off. A full list of start and end times are also available on the Overwatch website informing players on exactly when the free weekend will begin and conclude in their region.

“The Overwatch Free Weekend will take place September 9–12, and Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold membership and all PlayStation 4 owners will be able to download the game and play for FREE during this period—no sign-up or code required! The free period will begin on September 9 at 11:00 a.m. PT (18:00 UTC) and end on September 12 at 4:00 p.m. PT (23:00 UTC) in all gameplay regions. Don’t miss out!”

Among the 22 available heroes, players will find gun-slinging bounty hunter, an Australian scavenger, an angelic healer, a sniping assassin, and many more. Each hero falls into one of four combat roles including offense, defense, tank, and support. Playing alongside five other teammates, a player will work with them in order to assault defended objectives, escort a payload to a specific location, or control one location. Additionally, the fourth game mode mixes assault and escort objectives giving players a chance to take a payload and then move it to a second location.

In Overwatch, two teams of six players battle each other in those four mods across 13 different maps. The first-person shooter also features a few ways to play including Quick Play where players fight others of similar skill levels and Play vs. AI, where a team of players battle against a team of computer-controlled opponents. Custom Games and Weekly Brawls also offer a little variety for players looking to mix things up.

On PlayStation 4, players can download and play without an active PlayStation Plus membership. PlayStation 4 players that decide to buy Overwatch and continue playing after the free weekend will need PlayStation Plus, of course. To get started, players will need to download the Overwatch Free Weekend client from the PlayStation Store. Simply search for Overwatch in the store and select the Free Weekend option to download. According to the PlayStation Blog, players can expect around a 15 GB download even though the file size is listed as seven GB on the PlayStation Store.

On Xbox One, players will need an active Xbox Live subscription in order to download and play Overwatch for free. Searching the Xbox One Store for Overwatch is where players will need to start in order to play during the free weekend. A selection named Overwatch: Origins Edition Free Weekend is the option needed to be downloaded for the event. The download is around 15 GB in size.

Players that choose to purchase Overwatch on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One thanks to event will be able to buy the Overwatch: Origins Edition on those consoles to continue their fight. This edition includes five extra skins for Bastion, Pharah, Reaper, Solider: 76, and Tracer. Additionally, the Origins Edition provides buyers with a few goodies for other Blizzard Entertainment titles like a battle pet version of Winston for World of Warcraft and cosmetic Mercy wings for characters in Diablo 3. The purchase also includes a free unlock of the Tracer hero in Heroes of the Storm, a number of player portraits in StarCraft 2, and an Overwatch card back in Hearthstone.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]