Jennifer Garner Cast By Ben Affleck In Film To Save Marriage?

The rumor mill about Ben Affleck and his estranged wife, actress Jennifer Garner, just keeps churning. The latest tales involve Garner reportedly being pregnant with the couple’s fourth child and yet another involves Jen being cast in a film by Affleck as a means to save their marriage.

The latter of the two was ignited by Life&Style. The tabloid claims that Garner is set to play Affleck’s wife in an upcoming courtroom drama, Witness for the Prosecution, which he is also directing. An apparent source tells the tabloid that Ben believes the project “will be a total re-bonding experience” for the couple.

The supposed insider went on to claim that Ben has been on a bit of a mission to try to win Jen back.

“Ben’s been on a quest to get Jen to trust him again. He feels working together on a set for six or seven months will do the trick.”

Perhaps the rumor stems from the fact that Jen and Ben’s original romance was ignited due to their starring roles together in Daredevil back in 2003. Additional rumors started by this specific tabloid include one about Garner divorcing Affleck out of “revenge.” Gossip Cop shares the headlines put forth by the tabloid on this subject.

“What Finally Pushed Her Over The Edge” and “Ben’s Out Of Chances.” Inside the magazine, it’s claimed, “It’s the final straw! After Ben Affleck lets her down again, Jennifer Garner takes steps to wipe him from her life once and for all.”

Another claimed the Miracles From Heaven star is pregnant with their fourth child, meaning the divorce is off. Once again the gossip policing site shares the outrageous headlines published by Life & Style.

“Ten months after announcing they were ending their 10-year marriage, Ben and Jen have called off their divorce — and pals believe there’s a happy reason for the reconciliation: Baby No. 4 is on the way!” (Sound familiar?) A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Their friends are expecting an announcement very soon that Jen is pregnant.”

Gossip Cop has fully stepped in to debunk all claims circulating about the famous former couple. The site goes on to share the ridiculous claims that the tabloid has attempted to push in recent months about Jen and Ben, noting they are all untrue.

“Ben Affleck is NOT casting Jennifer Garner in one of his upcoming movies in an effort to save their marriage, despite a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s “not true. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Affleck, who exclusively tells us the tabloid’s story is simply ‘not true.’ The actor-director isn’t using a film project to repair his relationship, and the outlet’s claim otherwise is just ridiculous. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by Life & Style‘s tall tale, considering we’ve repeatedly corrected the tabloid’s many false stories about the ex-couple. “

Jen and Ben have been front and center in the media circus since their separation announcement was made back in June of 2015. The former couple shocked fans, despite rumors already brewing about difficulties in their marriage before that point. Following the announcement, news then broke of an alleged affair that Affleck had with the pair’s former nanny, and the tabloids only continued to make Affleck and Garner front page news. Affleck denied the claims and Garner shared early in 2016 that news of the affair had nothing to do with their separation, noting that the two had decided to part ways months before the scandal broke.

Jen and Ben have continued to be amicable since their split, which has been reason for tabloids to drum up false claims as to the former couple rekindling a romance.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]