Kylie Jenner: Breast Implants Never, But Accepting Black Chyna? Rob Kardashian Relieved

To Kylie Jenner, breast implants are not on the agenda. Although she might like to fill her cup a little more, she will stick with her natural curves. She told Twitter she has never had implants. When someone got up the nerve to just come out and ask her on Twitter, she responded never — so never means never. The word has a sort of past, present, and future connotation, and there are no implants in her body.

The Kylie Jenner breast implants question may have seemed a bit too much, but the KUWTK star doesn’t mind being honest. She was very frank about her bra choices when someone asked her the secret to her great looking plump breasts. It is a shame Victoria’s Secret doesn’t still make this one, but maybe with enough requests, they might bring it back? One could hope.

Rob Kardashian and the love of his life, Blac Chyna, opened up to People about their new show Rob & Chyna on the E! Network and their relationship with Kylie. Before Blac hooked up with Rob, she had a child with Jenner’s current beau, Tyga. This has led to a lot of awkward conversations in the past, but now that Blac is carrying Rob’s child, the family has decided to ensure peace with their brother’s future wife.

Blac told People she and Kylie are doing fine now.

“We’ve all talked, I’ve met up with Kylie. Everybody is mature. We’re not holding on to grudges. We’ve moved on. Every family is going to be defensive in the beginning; I don’t care who you are or what the situation is – they’re going to be protective. But everything is positive now.”

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Kylie Jenner with Kris and Rob Kardashian [Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

Kylie Jenner has expressed her desire to be friends with Blac, especially since she will soon be the mother of her niece or nephew. Also, they are both in Blac’s other son’s life. The children are just so impressionable, and it is important that the adults around them get along.

Rob Kardashian expressed appreciation for his baby’s mama’s peacemaking abilities. It has been hard on Rob with the family reluctant at first in accepting his girlfriend. Rob and Chyna are very close.

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna [Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]

Blac Chyna helped Rob Kardashian lose about 100 pounds after he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he feels that Blac saved his life. It is pretty obvious he adores her, and Rob Kardashian perhaps literally owes her his life. Now that she has managed to make peace with the Kardashians and the Jenners, it means he gets his family back.

“[Chyna] brought all of us closer together again. I see my family on a daily basis. We all support each other.”

Kylie Jenner keeps her family close as she considers what is really important. She realizes that petty quarrels only hurt people. Her brother and future nephew or niece are very important to her, and she also missed her close friend during the short feud between them. Blac and Kylie had always been friends.


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Of course, Blac Chyna was angry when her ex hooked up so quickly with Kylie after his breakup with Blac. Now that Rob Kardashian is with Chyna, why stay mad? Since Blac became pregnant, the entire family has been getting along very well according to the Inquisitr.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were proud of their new sister’s nude and pregnant photo on the cover of Paper, according to the Inquisitr. It is very lovely and tasteful. The inner spread of her is also in pretty good taste, showing off her tattooed baby bump with a demure pride.

For Kylie Jenner, breast implants will never be a choice, but getting along with her future sister in law, Black Chyna, is vital to her relationship with her brother, Rob Kardashian.

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