WWE News: Daniel Bryan Talks Wanting To Wrestle Again, Threatening To Quit WWE

The Miz cut one of the best promos of all-time on Talking Smack, and that opened up a lot of people’s eyes about wrestling styles in the WWE. To be specific, it created a rift in the WWE Universe about the reality of Daniel Bryan’s situation. The irony lies in the words Miz spoke. Bryan said Miz wrestled like a coward. Then, Miz came back with a very honest response that many people didn’t care for. Following that was a revelation for hardcore wrestling fans. The Miz was right.

If Bryan wrestled the “soft-WWE style,” he would still be competing at a top level currently. His WWE title reign may not have been cut short, and the future wouldn’t be certain. Bryan most definitely would have saved his own health. Instead, the former-WWE Champion chose to wrestle dangerously and put his own life on the line. That created wonderful moments that wrestling fans won’t forget, but it also shortened the man’s career.

The Miz at WWE Live this past Friday at Madison Square Garden. [Image by Mark Suleymanov]
In the last two weeks, Daniel Bryan’s future in the wrestling ring has come up again. A report by Forbes.com said he hasn’t completely shut down a future in-ring career. That’s brave and courageous of Bryan, especially after what he went thru after dropping the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, that’s completely up to the WWE if he wrestles in that ring again. He could look elsewhere, but WWE doctors have to approve his health before a return would happen.

Miz’s words sparked a new feud for Daniel Bryan outside the ring. In an interview with Jonathan Coachman, Bryan spoke about feeling 100-percent and why he contemplated quitting the WWE to his wife, Brie Bella.

“Bryan says he keeps trying to convince people that he can wrestle but says that’s the hard part as he’s often trying to convince himself as well. Bryan says he was cleared by a lot of concussion specialists but flagged by one test and the more he learns about that test, the more he thinks maybe that should not have stopped him. Bryan says there’s a lot more than we realize but he feels great and feels everyday like he can wrestle.

“Regarding WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and their recent exchange on Talking Smack, Bryan says he knew very little of that was coming. The two have known each other for a long time and really know how to get on the others nerves.”

That’s definitely what made the moment feel real. Bryan’s reaction, quite like Kevin Owens’ when he won the WWE Universal Championship on WWE Raw, just has a sense of raw emotion coming from the part of both men. Miz played the part of heel perfectly, while Bryan truly had to consider what he wanted to do. Segments like those play into the art of reality, which is desperately needed in the WWE’s current landscape.

[Image via WWE.com]
For the Miz, this was the push he needed to grasp that long-awaited respect from the casual audience. While he remains a heel, at least WWE fans caught a glimpse at what he’s been doing for the last decade. As for Bryan, despite speculation of an in-ring return, it will be a game of wait-and-see. The only people who know what is going on are Bryan and the WWE doctors.

As a business, it’s no question that Vince McMahon would want him back. On the other hand, Bryan could be a liability inside the ring. It’s similar to the Kurt Angle situation. If McMahon doesn’t want an injury happening to a big star, then he needs to recognize the risks. Daniel Bryan, while a very popular star, is a risk in the wrestling ring.

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