WWE News: Major Speculation Regarding Daniel Bryan’s Possible Return To The Ring, Will WWE Allow It?

After the much talked about Talking Smack segment this past Tuesday night, the world has been talking about The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Fans have been either praising both for their work in the storyline and/or asking if this might lead to Daniel Bryan returning to the WWE ring. Many fans want to see him make his return to the ring, but the issue is that he simply cannot due to WWE medical not allowing him to do so. He retired this past February, and it seemed like Bryan has still not coped with the idea that he may never wrestle again.

WWE may say no, but others would say yes…right? That was the thought in Bryan’s mind, which is why he actually did ask for his release a while back, but WWE would not grant it. His contract with the company has yet to expire and due to all the missed time adding up, Bryan has quite a while before his contract ends. The reason had to do with his time out. According to the guidelines of a WWE contract, the company can add on time to a deal when a WWE Superstar misses time away due to an injury or something along those lines.

Basically if you’re out a year with a neck injury, your contract doesn’t keep running the entire year you’re out. It stops and you restart it once you get back to television. Essentially, this happened with Daniel Bryan and that is most likely why he returned to television to not only do a great job as commentator for the Cruiserweight Classic, but also work as the WWE SmackDown Live General Manager, and even co-host WWE Network show Talking Smack.

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However, Daniel Bryan would ideally love to return to the ring with WWE. The company simply will not allow it, but many assume this is where the Miz/Bryan angle is leading. It of course is not leading to an in-ring return for the former WWE World Champion, but it could lead to Bryan eventually losing his cool and kicking Miz or something. Edge proved that you can retire and still do some physical stuff, as long as it does not cross the line with what you can and cannot do.

However, Ringside News claims that Bryan may very well return to the wrestling when he leaves the WWE. The idea is that he could make a lot of money away from WWE once his contract comes up, as the company would only sign him to a smaller deal than the one he’s in now because he is no longer wrestling. It is obviously understandable on WWE’s part, as they are not going to pay a GM what they would pay a main event talent. There is no sensible argument to say they should.

RSN claims Daniel Bryan would make more money main eventing in NJPW in fact. On top of this, he would make a lot more on merchandise sales as WWE could not take a large cut like they do now, so Bryan would get a lot more of the deal. Basically, from an economic standpoint, Daniel Bryan would make a lot more away from WWE and would certainly have more fun, as he could actually wrestle.

That said, he reportedly spoke to several promotions outside of WWE a while back before his retirement. He was trying to get his release from the WWE so that he could go to join places like CMLL, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling to take on a full-time schedule. All were reportedly offering good money to have him work there, but WWE would not release Bryan so he had to change up those plans.

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Bryan did see a lot of doctors, most of which cleared him to return to the ring. He would take one test in New York that saw something on his brain caused by his numerous concussions, which actually was causing him seizures. While he clearly should avoid working in the ring due to the fact that he could certainly be running a risk of putting his life on the line, that does not seem to matter. Bryan still has not coped with having to retire, as he would claim himself.

Right now, it is being said that Daniel Bryan is simply trying to do all he can so that his contract will keep ticking down. The moment it’s up, we may very well see him return to the ring away from WWE. While of course WWE would want him to only wrestle for them, they will not allow him to work in the ring again. Therefore Bryan is willing to go somewhere else to do it. Daniel did ultimately go with retirement because WWE medical advised it, but even if he didn’t, they weren’t going to let him out of his deal or let him wrestle. He was always going to have to do the same sort of thing he is doing now to keep his contract running.

While it would be impossible to say for sure that Daniel Bryan will return to the ring the moment he leaves the WWE, it can be assumed that he will explore the option of doing so. The one thing that may keep him from doing it would be his wife, former WWE Superstar Brie Bella. She doesn’t want him to wrestle again, and she may be the only thing stopping him from doing it in the future. That is why she very well could be the key to him staying retired.

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