3 Reasons ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Probably Wasn’t Canceled After All

I previously speculated in an article for the Inquisitr that Alaskan Bush People might be canceled. Instead, it appears Alaskan Bush People will probably be back for a new season. Although there’s still no official word, there are plenty of rumors circulating on the internet. Most mention that the Alaskan Bush People cast, the Brown family, returned to Alaska to resume filming.

This turn of events is probably the strongest clue that we can expect at least one more season. It doesn’t make much sense to waste time and money filming a season that won’t air. After all, it’s that kind of confidence that (allegedly) gets one to hire a cute actress to date one of the Brown sons.

However, there are a couple of other strong indicators that Alaskan Bush People will probably be back as soon as Fall 2016. At least, assuming that fans haven’t gotten their announcements mixed up.

The second clue is pretty much a no-brainer as we’ve yet to hear any word that Alaskan Bush People was canceled. Think about it, folks. If the Discovery Channel were truly eager to be rid of Alaskan Bush People, then we would likely have heard something by now. A press release or statement would have been released to the media, or there would have been confirmation via official social media channels. Instead, we’ve gotten nothing but silence. The worry over the fate of the Alaskan reality TV show has kept viewers interested in the show in the absence of new episodes.

Yes, Alaskan Bush People aired little featurettes, but that doesn’t exactly count as brand new material. Alaska Dispatch-News gladly pointed out that these so-called new episodes often featured recycled footage. It’s the promise of actual new episodes that fans of the series are most interested in learning about.

Well, there is a glimmer of hope by way of RenewalCancelTV. The website claimed on August 31 that the Discovery Channel had definitely renewed the wilderness show for another season. The proof of this comes from a January blog post on the site. The claim is similar to observations made by the Inquisitr. Because a statement was, supposedly, made months ago, some believe this explains the lack of renewal announcements.

Do you want another big hint? Season 5 ended with something of a cliffhanger. Eldest son Matt Brown left the Wolf Pack behind to seek treatment for alcohol-related issues. He was expected to return for the finale, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Brown stayed in rehab to seek additional help. Although Matt is believed to be back with his family, fans of Alaskan Bush People haven’t gotten closure on the subject.

How is Matt? What was the reunion with his family like? Viewers want to see for themselves how things turned out. The unresolved storyline is something that might be enough to pull fans back in for another season. While this is probably the most honest and emotional aspect of the show, it’s certainly not enough to keep Alaskan Bush People on the air.

As stated in the past, Alaskan Bush People suffers from a major redundancy problem. One could say their fraud scandal was something of a blessing in disguise. It gave the producers a serious storyline to build the entire previous season around. Granted nothing much came of their crime, and patriarch Billy Brown and son Bam only spent 30 days under electronic monitoring.

With that chapter of their lives over, there’s nothing really new to look forward to as far as we know of. Will the show touch on Ami’s family? Will they suddenly have bear trouble? Although Alaskan Bush People will probably not be canceled yet, the lack of fresh story angles probably means it’s on borrowed time.

Are you still watching Alaskan Bush People? Do you think it will probably be canceled after this upcoming season? Share your thoughts below.

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