WWE News: Update On Why The Brock Lesnar Versus Randy Orton Rematch Is Happening At Live Event Rather Than PPV

Brock Orton

We know by now that WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar is clearly not being punished for truly anything that has happened during his match at WWE SummerSlam against Randy Orton. WWE RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon fined him the obviously small sum of $500, so if you want to call that a punishment, then go ahead. We all assumed that Lesnar would be off of all WWE events at least until WWE Survivor Series. Some even expected to not see him until the first of the year.

However, it was then noted that Lesnar would take on Orton in a rematch next month on September 24. This event is actually the night before WWE Clash of Champions and is simply a non-televised live event happening out of Chicago, Illinois. Most fans felt this was completely idiotic of WWE to have these two go at it a second time, especially so soon, and then not allow the world to see it.

As fans, we wanted answers and WWE has not been giving them. None of this made sense for WWE, and since Brock is paid per appearance, it seemed to be a waste to have him work a non-televised event. Usually, when Brock is added to an event that was not previously televised, it becomes a televised show at least for WWE Network. The entire Beast of the East special from Japan last year was built up because Lesnar wanted a free trip to visit friends in Japan and decided to hop on WWE’s tour there for an event so he could get it. The event was instantly a WWE Network event when Brock was added.

Orton, Lesnar, Heyman

That said, this event happening with Brock made little sense, but now new information has arisen, but it may still leave you puzzled. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE simply asked Brock Lesnar to work the event, and he agreed to do it. WWE initially wanted him to do it because pay for live events is different compared to PPV when it comes to Brock’s specific deal. This is mainly because they have him work major shows, such as WrestleMania or SummerSlam, rather than a random live event in Butte, Montana, for instance.

It seemed like WWE wasted a date just to pay Lesnar less for one of his events. Of course, Brock agreed to it. WWE also feels that there is a bit of a difference for PPVs and live events as well. Usually, PPVs tend to be longer main event quality matches, whereas live events are done as squash matches for him when he does work them. This is not the case for all WWE Superstars, as live events actually allow wrestlers to work longer matches that are usually very good as opposed to the shorter time they keep for televised matches.

Interestingly, WWE allowed Brock Lesnar to pick his opponent for the event in Chicago, and Lesnar happened to choose based on who he felt was the best person on the roster at the event. Of course, that was Randy Orton, which does pretty much mean we’ll see another squash match — or Chicago will. It also appears he did this because he felt the live event gate would do better if he faced off with someone like Orton.

Heyman, Brock, Orton

All of this being said, we can surely blame WWE for putting this rematch on a live event and not on a PPV. However, we can also blame Brock Lesnar for it as well, as he hand-picked his opponent for the evening. It made sense for his end of things, as allowing him to face Randy does mean more money at the live gate because fans do want to see the two wrestle again. However, it can be assumed WWE fans will leave disappointed with the match yet again as they would clearly not have Orton go over at a live event.

The real question remains: Why did WWE want to waste a date for Brock Lesnar that they may need down the line for him? They know how his contract works, and they certainly know this match alone is PPV worthy. Is WWE slowly trying to run off Lesnar’s deal so they don’t have to keep him around, or is this about driving up live event numbers in the future?

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