‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: James Confused About His Future With Natalie, ‘BB18’ Eviction Plans Solidified, And The Care Package Bribe Played

Big Brother 18 is full of drama, betrayal, and a shocking blindside as Week 10 comes to a close. Nicole Franzel won the HOH (Head of Household) competition and nominated Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian for eviction. Nicole won the POV (Power of Veto), which gave her all the power this week. Nicole decided to keep her nominations the same and stated that she wants Michelle out of the house. If Corey Brooks votes out Michelle, it will blindside James Huling, who believes that the real target is Paul. It will draw a line in the sand, and will divide the Big Brother house right down the middle.

Big Brother Network reports that James is confused about his future with Natalie Negrotti. He feels as if she is hot and cold with him, and he’s not sure if they have a future together outside the house. He explains that it feels different from his showmance with Meg because of the fact that Natalie will cuddle with him and shows “some” affection. Even so, James doesn’t feel confident that she “really likes him.” He added that he feels like the third place winner because she wanted a showmance with Victor Arroyo and Corey before she “settled” with him. It’s weighing heavy on his mind, but he doesn’t want to jump to the conclusion that Natalie used him to get further in the Big Brother game.

It looks like the Big Brother 18 viewers will see a shocking blindside tonight because James still doesn’t think that Michelle will be leaving the house tonight. He tells Michelle and Natalie that he’s “99.9 percent sure that she’s staying.” Michelle has a feeling that she’s been the target all along, and pressures James to talk to his friend, Nicole so she will at least know if she is the one leaving the Big Brother house tonight. James tells her that he doesn’t need to talk to Nicole about the vote, he knows she’s staying. “I am that close to Nicole, I just know,” James brags. Michelle believes him, but Natalie throws in some doubt, “Jamesey, I think you need to talk to Nicole, just to make sure.”

Online Big Brother reports Corey decided to give Victor the Care Package bribe for $5K in exchange for casting his vote to evict Michelle. It was apparent that Victor planned to evict Michelle anyway, to keep “his boy” Paul in the Big Brother house. The plan for eviction tonight is Victor and Corey will vote to evict Michelle, and Natalie and James will evict Paul. Nicole will then have to break the tie and will cast her vote to evict Michelle. At that point, Michelle, James, and Natalie will be blindsided by Nicorey’s alliance with Paul and Victor. James and Natalie will figure out that they must win the HOH competition if they want to stay another week in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother live feeds indicate that Nicole has some anxiety about Paul and Victor turning on them next week. Corey doesn’t think Victor would, but acknowledges that Paul would turn on them “in a heartbeat.” Corey reveals that it was a gamble to work with Paul and Victor because James wouldn’t turn on them, even if it got to the final three. Nicole starts feeling stressed about the vote and begins to wonder if she made the right decision. Corey tells her it’s too late to change their minds, and they have to accept their fate with Paul and Victor.

Paul plans to “rattle” James before the HOH competition to make sure he doesn’t pull off a win. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paul wants to win the competition so he can nominate James and Natalie. Next week’s target will hinge on Paul, Victor, or Corey winning the HOH competition. If James or Natalie wins, the Big Brother game will be flipped, and Nicorey’s alliance with Paul and Victor will crumble.

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