MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: October Release Leak, Specs And More

Apple Holds a MacBook Pro Town Hall Event

The MacBook Pro 2016 from Apple is almost a given now, with the manufacturer set to release a new variant of their premium laptop this year. However, that new variant could come sooner than expected, with a new leak suggesting that Apple’s latest MacBook will be released in October this year. That being said, we know very little about the new MacBook as it stands, with Apple expected to release more information at an event prior to release.

According to the Week, Apple’s MacBook Pro is set to receive its biggest overhaul yet this October, following Apple’s recent revamping of their other MacBooks. Initially, the new MacBook Pro was expected to make an appearance at Apple’s main hardware reveal in March. However, Apple instead opted to show off the iPhone SE, upgrades to the Apple watch and more compact sized iPad Pro. With that in mind, Apple appeared to push the MacBook Pro out of their attention, but that’s all set to change with their next hardware reveal in October.

Apple is, of course, hosting a big event on September 7. However, it’s widely expected the event will focus on the upcoming iPhone model and the Apple Watch 2. Instead, Apple will reserve their MacBook Pro announcement as part of a special Mac-focused event this October.

The October event will see Apple unveil its biggest overhaul yet to the Mac line-up. Alongside the new MacBook Pro variant, Apple is expected to show off a new standalone 5K monitor, designed to be used with Mac and manufactured in collaboration with LG. At the same time, Apple is expected to give the iMac a much-needed upgrade in terms of graphical power and introduce a USB C port to the MacBook Air. With that in mind, those planning on buying any variant of Apple’s Mac line-up would be best served by holding off until October.


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So exactly how does Apple plan to overhaul its MacBook Pro? According to Mac World, the biggest new feature of the MacBook Pro will be an OLED touch bar. It’s now assumed to be a given that the MacBook Pro will feature some variety of a touch strip above the keyboard. It’s very likely that this strip will replace the function keys altogether. The touchscreen will then change according to the app being used. For example, the strip will provide dedicated track and volume controls whilst Spotify is being used.

Whilst the MacBook Pro line-up has always been considerably less portable than Apple’s other MacBooks, that could be about to change for the better in October. Recent reports that Apple could drop some ports on the MacBook Pro in order to make the device’s form factor thinner and portable. Over the past couple of years, Apple has been replacing many of their ports with USB C, for charging, display and storage. Apple could now bring that technology to their upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro in a bid to cut down on the form factor of the laptop.

Across the board, Apple is likely to give the MacBook Pro a number of new features fit for 2016. Some of those features could include Apple’s now universal Touch ID, built into the device’s power button, and even a stylus friendly trackpad that could be compatible with Apple’s own Pencil. That’ll all be coupled with significant power and battery improvements, much like you’d expect with a new laptop from Apple.

The 2016 iteration of the MacBook Pro is likely to be introduced by Apple this October.

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