Sony Is Gearing Up For A Presentation — CEO Talks Hardware, PlayStation VR, & More

It looks like Sony is gearing up to brings news to fans, and we may be receiving exciting information soon.

Rumors have been surrounding Sony and what they’ve been working on for quite some time. Dozens of images have surfaced around the internet in regards to the PlayStation Neo, the rumored video game console that Sony wants to release soon. We’ve heard that the Neo will be an upgrade to the original PlayStation 4. However, specifics have not been released outside of the system being able to support 4k resolution. We’ve seen various models and what look to be legitimate images of the Neo, but it remains to be seen that Sony has officially confirmed anything.

In a report by GameSpot, Sony may be confirming PlayStation hardware info in a briefing in New York City. Sony’s CEO, Kaz Hirai, had much to say in regards to the PlayStation 4 hardware. At the IFA 2016 electronic trade show that was held in Berlin, Hirai took the opportunity to discuss the growth that the PlayStation 4 has been experiencing.

“PlayStation 4 continues to push the boundaries, while reaching new heights in innovation and entertainment,” Hirai began to say. “The PlayStation Platform, including hardware, software and network services has been widely acclaimed by costumers, industry and of course the press.”

Though it’s mostly up to speculation, the PlayStation 4 has done exceedingly well. Multiple titles such as Street Fighter V and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection have made the PS4 a prime candidate in preferable consoles, and it doesn’t appear that Sony has any intention on stopping the hype train any time soon. There’s also hardware that has yet to be released for the PlayStation 4, namely the PlayStation VR that’s set to drop in October of this year.

CEO Hirai had this to say in regards to the PlayStation VR.

“Virtual reality launches us into a new realm that promises limitless possibilities starting with games, but expanding soon across our entire Sony group. VR will enable us to leverage our technological strength in areas such as digital imaging, content creation and production. So Sony is well positioned to set the trends in how, where and when you access content today, and also in the future.”

In addition, Hirai suggests that the current plans for the PlayStation 4 may very well extend beyond PlayStation VR.

“With innovation continuing to peak in and around the PlayStation ecosystem, we continue to invest in growth initiatives.”

For fans who wonder what we can expect aside from the PlayStation VR, IGN reports that Sony will be selling a twin pack of PlayStation Move controllers that will be compatible with PlayStation VR. The package will include two a duo of motion controllers, USB cables, and straps that can be fitted onto the controllers. If this is any indication of what Sony has in store, fans can rest assured that the experience will be nothing short of interactive and engaging.

There’s also the matter of the PlayStation 4 Slim. The PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 all received similar treatment: the original consoles are released, and there’s a slim version that comes to the light months later. It’s being said that the PlayStation 4 will follow suit, and there are reports that consumers already have their hands on them.

Ultimately, the information reveal that fans are looking forward to could propel Sony beyond expectation. The conference is set to be held on September 7 around 3 p.m. If the rumors are true, you won’t want to miss out on the possibility of being one of the first to learn about Sony’s rumored hardware.

Are you excited for the possibility of the PlayStation Neo reveal? Will you be purchasing the PlayStation VR on day one? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Photo By Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]