‘#SelfieTennis’ Offers The Most Bizarre VR Experience Available

When you think of the virtual reality experience, playing tennis in the virtual world is likely not the first thing that crosses your mind. It may sound downright boring, actually. However, with VRUnicorn’s #SelfieTennis, you will instantly change your mind. It is simply one of the funnest virtual reality games out right now, and it also provides you with a lot of exercise. If you are in a bad mood, the game is so goofy that it will make you laugh.

The gameplay may not sound all that exciting. One controller acts as a tennis racquet, and the other acts as a hand to serve a ball. You throw up the ball, hit it to the other side of the court, and then the scene changes to the other side where you play against yourself. You have to try it to appreciate it. #SelfieTennis sounds like something that would make you absolutely dizzy, but it doesn’t — at all.

But there’s more to it. If you just feel like being goofy and not really playing tennis, there are living and breathing tennis ball people who dance like strippers. You can use the racquet and ball to knock them out and push them off the cliff. There is nothing malicious about it; these tennis ball people are practically waiting for you to pounce them off.

The reviews for #SelfieTennis on Steam have been mostly positive.

“Easy to learn, hard to master. The point of the game really is to get the longest rally with yourself that you can. I usually play it for 10-15 minutes every time I log on to VR just to get warmed up and used to the virtual world,” says Fluffy Little Bunny.

#SelfieTennis can provide hours of ridiculous fun for people looking to escape the real world. [Image via Daryl Deino]
“Prepare for the most exciting way to play with yourself! Just put on your Vive, grab your balls & racquet, and start swinging! In no time you will be smiling with glee. Just be aware that when you take off your Vive, you will see the mess you have made,” claims Omadhaun, who, like others, notes that it’s easy to smack things in the real world with your virtual tennis racquet if you are not careful.

#SelfieTennis has received a lot of praise on Twitter.

There are actually people who have gotten hurt playing #SelfieTennis. As Polygon notes, people don’t mind getting hurt at all, especially because you can also get hurt playing Tennis in real life.

“We had our first injury five minutes later [after informing people of the dangers of #SelfieTennis]. The controller was scuffed, a hole was nearly punched in the ceiling, and a good friend lost a bit of skin on his knuckle.”

The author adds that #SelfieTennis is the reason why one of his controllers is rattling. It’s important to note that when you move around in the virtual world of the HTC Vive, a green border appears where the empty space ends. Unfortunately, there is no border on the ceiling; there really is no need for it in most games. However, when you play #SelfieTennis, your may want to hit a ball really high like you do in regular tennis. This can lead to some unwanted consequences.

#SelfieTennis may not be the most complex game available for the HTC Vive, but it may be just about the best for those who just like to have goofy fun while burning some calories. Best of all, you don’t even have to go to the gym. Just don’t leave your window open — people who see you playing #SelfieTennis will think you are absolutely nuts.

[Image via Daryl Deino]

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