Four Oklahoma Moms Arrested In Shocking Child Sexual Abuse

Police in Oklahoma say that at least five people have been arrested in association with sexual crimes against children. Fox 23 News reports that among those people arrested, four mothers were taken into police custody. What could compel the mothers of children to allegedly participate in child rape?

Authorities in Tulsa say that the five people arrested, thus far, included Brian Campbell, Christina Matthews, Crystal Toney, Dawn Cox, and Beverly Vaughan. Tulsa World reports that Brian Campbell allegedly sexually abused the children of the four women over a span of at least two years. During the course of this period of time, he reportedly dated all four women at the same time, giving him access to several victims.

Tulsa Police Cpl. Mark Kraft has referred to the Oklahoma man as a “major child predator.” In a statement given to the public, he shared information about the man.

“What his M.O. is, he will form relationships with these women and befriend them and court them, tell them all the right things. He forms those kinds of relationships with their kids, and then he starts the sexual abuse.”

Unfortunately, police say this isn’t a case of a predator taking advantage of unsuspecting mothers. Authorities say that three of the four mothers were aware of the sexual abuse against their own kids. Not only did they know, but they allegedly allowed their boyfriend to continue raping the kids. Police also say that one of the women, Christina Matthews, allegedly joined in on the sexual abuse of one of the children. At this time, police don’t know if the four Oklahoma mothers know one another.

It was thanks to the bravery of one of the alleged victims who shared details of what happened to another guardian. Had this child not come forward, there is no telling how long the sexual abuse could have continued — especially with all four women accused of being either willing participants, or simply complicit in the rapes of their own kids.

As disturbing as it seems, this is not the only time a mother has been accused of allowing a partner to sexually abuse her child. Earlier this summer, a woman named April Corcoran pleaded guilty to allowing her drug dealer to rape her own daughter. She traded the 11-year-old child up as a sexual object in exchange for drugs from the man, who also filmed his exploitation of the child victim. Not only did Corcoran allow her drug dealer to rape the child, but she “rewarded” the victim with doses of heroin for being obedient.

Also this year, a mom by the name of Tracy Glover entered a guilty plea in regard to the rapes of her own two daughters. She allowed her boyfriend to rape the two little girls — even allowing him to do so while she was in bed with them. The children were 8 and 13 years old at the time of the abuse, which occurred numerous times across a span of nearly a year. Even though she allowed this to go on for so long, Tracy Glover was only sentenced to around 10 years of imprisonment.

Recently, the horrifying murder of 10-year-old child Victoria Martens has gripped international attention. The child was not only drugged and raped, but she was also murdered, dismembered, and set on fire. To make the details of this shocking case all the more tragic, the child’s own mother was reportedly in on the entire incident that left her child dead in the most horrific of ways.

As for this latest case out of Oklahoma, the five people who have been arrested are facing a variety of charges. Meanwhile, it’s been revealed in media reports that Campbell, the man accused of violating his girlfriends’ children, has a history of similar accusations against him. In 2007, he was accused of child sexual abuse, but he was never prosecuted.

[Images via Tulsa Police]

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